My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex

A certain boy and girl in middle school became lovers, flirted with each other, disagreed on trivial things, became more frequently irritated with each other rather than excited... and ended up breaking up on graduation. And so the two of them, Mizuto Irido and Yume Ayai, wound up meeting each other in the most unexpected fashion. "Isn't it obvious that I'm the elder brother?" "Isn't it obvious that I'm the elder sister?" The children of the partner of their parents' remarriage were ex-lovers?! The former couple, mindful of their parent's feelings, decided on a "sibling rule" where the one who becomes conscious of the other as the opposite sex loses, but... When they encounter each other in the bathroom, commute to and from school together... along with the memories of the past and living under the same roof, just how do they disregard each other?! (Source: Kadokawa, translated)

I'm Curious About Eroge My Non-Otaku Classmate Girl Has....

Kazuma Odagiri, an average boy with a love for erotic dating games, is used to hiding his hobbies and being told to go out more by his childhood friend, Ruri Shinomiya. All Odagiri wants though is to find a girl that also likes eroge, but he knows that's impossible. To his shock, one day, the school's prodigy and beauty, Honoka Misaki, finds out his secret hobby, but instead of telling it to anyone, she suddenly confesses that she wants to be his girlfriend and wants to be conquered by him! Odagiri agrees after Misaki seems okay with the fact that he's an otaku—as a matter of fact, she wants to know more about eroge and have him teach her how to be the erotic girlfriend of his dreams...! (Source: Manga Rock, edited)

My Glasses Will Be Able to Conquer the Whole World, I Suppose., OreMegane

Eil is an apprentice hunter from the village Albat who hates being the target of attention. Upon becoming 15, at the Ceremony of Determination that he needs to go through to be acknowledged as an adult, he is determined to possess the "Talent for Glasses." For glasses? What does that even mean? But gradually, Eil discovers the countless possibilities hidden within his glasses, one at a time. "I think these glasses might actually enable me to conquer the whole world. Not that I'm going to do it, though." Thus begins the bizarre glasses life of Eil, the young glasses man. (Source: Shousetsuka ni Narou, translated)
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