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All human beings have various interests, hobbies, and tastes. Akane’s brother is such a guy who can't even talk about such things but instead has been secretly watching his sister. He discovered though her secret, as she saw her doing SM...!? Can this be true…? A secret love story of an older sister and her younger brother unfolds…

The Fable

Fable is a legendary hitman who has completed numerous jobs for a variety of clients. After concluding his latest assignment, the number of people he has recently killed becomes too high, and Fable is ordered by his boss to lay low for a year. He is suggested that having to adapt to life as an ordinary citizen might prove a valuable experience for his future work. Fable is to be accompanied by the woman who acts as his driver, and the two will assume new identities as siblings. However, their boss warns them that they will both face a deadly punishment if Fable kills anyone during his time off. Thus begins Akira and Youko Satou's joint one-year sabbatical from the underworld. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

I Don't Know What My Little Sister's Friend Is Thinking!

My sister's friend Tsuyu-chan is a quiet girl who and I can't figure out what she is thinking. However, it doesn't seem that I'm much disliked. (Source: MU)

Dog and Scum

Haruma Sakuraba's childhood friend Shuuji Inukai was a cut above him in every way imaginable, living out the glamorous life bestowed upon him. Haruma, an unassuming salary man, has lived his every day clutching onto his inferiority complex, existing only in Shuuji's shadow. One day, Haruma coincidentally met Shuuji's wife, Reika Sumi, who Haruma had always secretly admired since his high school days. With feelings of envy, jealousy, and more, a "secret" is born from Haruma's repetitive days.

Rikon Yotebi

Since the attempted attack by her husband, Hideyuki's former mistress, Hinohara, the Ayukawa family has created a "family bond" by confirming each other's safety by email. Saki desperately tries to protect the bond she finally got ...!?

My Neighbor Takashi

Saki is a high school girl who is lucky enough to be cheated on by all the guys she goes out with. She started attacking Takashi-chan, an active student at the University of Tokyo, saying that she would be lucky if the man's luck was not good.

Tonderu Rookie!

Noriko Yahagi, a transfer student with outstanding motor skills, was invited to the volleyball club to replenish the members by the captain of the women's volleyball club at Matsuka High School. She decides to join the club to attract the attention of Minato-kun, a member of the men's volleyball team who fell in love at first sight.

Junai Calorie Nenshoukei

Ami is a first year high school student who loves to eat. He entered the school longing for a cute uniform, but he was ... 5 kg fat and couldn't fit in summer clothes ... In order not to be disliked by the longed-for Fujimiya, the ideal aim is 46 kg !!

Junjou Musume Gatenkei

Toko, the trace daughter of Kurosawa Carpentry, is a physical girl who gives a command to women on the spot. What is the construction request she received from the girl manga artist "Princess", Himeko Shiratori ...!? A romantic comedy at a construction site that draws onnagokoro powerfully and delicately!

Ryuu no Kesshou

Tomomi left Hokkaido to stay with her relatives, the Sendouji family, during the course of her university study in Tokyo. The Sendouji is renowned locally for its karate dojo that is instructed by the four brothers. Tomomi remembered spending her childhood times playing together with the brothers when they were little. As she met up with the brother again, things were quite different to how she had imagined it to be. For instance, Soryu, the third brother, was forever cold towards her, whilst Kouryu, the second brother, always teased her and looked down on her. Luckily for her, she managed to find comfort in Hakuryu, the youngest and most gentle brother who had just returned to the family after being away for a long time. But to everyone’s surprise, Hakuryu returned home with a toddler son with no wife. Increasingly, Tomomi found herself being attracted to Hakuryu, but he was heart-broken after finding out about his wife, who died giving birth to their son and whom he still dearly loved. Meanwhile, Tomomi started practicing karate with the brothers in their dojo... She began to find interest and passion for martial arts, which later brought her to national Fighting Championships!

Time for Boy

Tells the story of an adult photographer, his models, his colleagues and his love life.

Searching for the Full Moon

Mitsuki loves singing, but a malignant tumor in her throat has prevented her from pursuing her passion. However, Mitsuki's life turns around when two shinigami appear to grant her a temporary reprieve from her illness--and give her singing career a magical jump-start. *Includes a short story called Ginyu Meika in volume 2. Akiyoshi Kiryuu attempts to practice for an upcoming piano competition; however, his practice continually gets interrupted by a girl named Kanon, who claims to be the spirit of a tree.

Nanji Nayamuko to Nakare

Little by little, Chiaki and Naru started to feel better. At that time, Michiru Tomori suddenly approaches Chiaki. Chiaki repeats her success in her friendship, and Chiaki is attracted to her and hits the troubles of her own family and cries.

Desire©MAX (Colored Edition)

High school girl Mio Omori comes from a poor background. Life is hard enough for Mio, whose mother, an ailing widow, is getting treatment at a hospital. With the younger brother, Hinata, being a school student, Mio has to work part-time jobs to support her family. Her life gets even more complicated when a rough young man, Shoei Jinnai, throws money at her and steals her first kiss, claiming to have bought her. is a romance that showcases the love-hate relationship between Mio and Shoei. Mio realizes that there's more to the guy than it seems, and gains new insight about her own and other people's lives.

Tokyo Angels

Three people, Mei, Mai, and Yui, stand up to protect the city from drug trafficking organizations! Their are called Tokyo ANGELS. A stylish and powerful legend begins now.
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