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Jinki: Extend

In 1988 an enigmatic explosion which has happened in Venezuela caused some mysterious case called "Lost Life Phenomenon". Indiscriminate murder, mass destruction, vanishing of an entire city... Some who got involved in the case say they saw a giant... Fast forward to 1991 in Japan. This is a story about girls who end up piloting gigantic humanoid weapons called "JINKI" fighting against their fate.


Always deemed inferior to her elder sister, the strong-willed yet aimless Chihaya Ayase has no dream of her own. In contrast to her, Taichi Mashima, the son of a surgeon, is gifted yet insecure as he is burdened by the heavy expectations of his strict mother, who wants him to be perfect in everything. However, the lives of Chihaya and Taichi soon change as they encounter Arata Wataya, the new transfer student in their class. Inspired by Arata's dream to become the best at competitive karuta—a card game based on the classic anthology of one hundred Japanese poets—Chihaya quickly falls in love with the game. Refusing to lose to the talented Arata, the prideful Taichi joins along and immerses himself in the game, aiming to one day surpass his fated rival. The three friends spend their childhood practicing karuta everyday, until certain circumstances force them to part with each other. A few years later, now in high school, the trio finds themselves reunited through the world of competitive karuta. Alongside their newfound comrades and rivals, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and romance. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Beastmaster of the Ages (Eternal First God)

Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can’t stop himself from laughing! Why? Because his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth! That teeny weeny little chick over there is actually the eternal Infernal Phoenix that eats suns! His black cat is the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend that refines worlds with its lightning. The cockroach, well, it’s the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast that possesses trillions of undying clones… Followed by his menagerie of pets, Li Tianming begins his ascension to become the number one beastmaster of the ages. He journeys across the many worlds, only one thing remaining constant. No one is ever ready for the likes of his pets! After all, who’s ever prepared to fight a chicken and its fellows…

Split Lover

In this world, people suffer from "Splitting Syndrome." When one holds back their emotions or desires too much, they pass out and a clone that acts out on their true feelings splits off from them. Makoto, a high school student, fears that his inability to confess to his classmate Shion will cause him to split, so he lets out his feelings when no one is looking. Shion is well known for being so perfect that she's never split before, but one day she suddenly passes out right in front of Makoto, and her clone tries to do naughty things with him! What will Makoto do now that he knows her true feelings, with Shion herself none the wiser?

Wind Breaker (Part 1)

Jo Ja-Hyun (Jay) is the student president of Taeyang (Sunny) High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. As you follow his bike, you will meet his friends, love, and adventures.

Wind Breaker (Part 3)

Jo Ja-Hyun (Jay) is the student president of Taeyang (Sunny) High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. As you follow his bike, you will meet his friends, love, and adventures.

Me, a Staple Food that Matched with the Mononoke Girls

Yuya Kusaka, a carefree salaryman, who was enjoying his single life, until a kouhai colleague of him invited him to use "Kikai", an app for love matching. Now he is... He is matched with a gal and a beautiful, innocent girl! However, these two are actually mononoke's who attack Kusaka (sexually!), they were lured in an app to attack Kusaka (sexually!) and end up living together! But then they meet other mononoke girls on the matching app...!?

M Game

In the past, plump and rounded women were considered the pinnacle of female beauty. Now, society, and in turn women themselves, changed the ideal female figure. This story is about a young boy and his battle against society's stigma towards healthy women. He is the guardian of plump women around the world, and he will not stop until society realizes what is true female beauty. His name is Takehaya Susanono Mikoto and he is the 150th Guardian of the "Muchi Muchi."

The Weakest Contestant of All Space and Time

Hitomu is a young guy with no goals or dreams: he goes to work, comes home, sleeps, and repeats. That changes when he's abducted by a god and forced to participate in a gladiatorial tournament to find the weakest being in all of space and time! After Hitomu loses repeatedly, he's set against four weakling opponents to fight to the death...but he instead finds a way to escape, breaking out his fellow "losers": a ghost boy, a slime girl, a useless robot, and a bug monster. Now fugitives on a hostile planet, the five weirdos must rely on each other. Alone they can't do squat, but together they just might be able to survive.

Nnekon: Kouhei Shibata Sketchbook

Collection of short stories from the author with cats and cute girls! Contains a total of 10 works. This is the first collection by the author of the popular series Reki and Yomi.

My Childhood Friend is Overprotective

Hina has one-sided feelings for her childhood friend, Yakumo. However, Yakumo is actually like a helicopter parent, an overprotective mama...! "I'm happy about being doted on by the person I like, but being treated like a daughter is the worst!" Wanting to become lovers with Yakumo, Hina tries her hardest to make him look at her as a woman, but...?! The romcom between a determined maiden in love and an overly-protective boy starts now!


The year is 2150, and humanity has entered the Space Age of Exploration. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, in particular is a treasure trove of natural resources. Seeking those resources, humanity has built up numerous biospheres in its vicinity. Those who are born in zero gravity in the Jupiter Zone are known as "Jupiterians". Rico Alberoni is one such person. He lives on Callisto, Jupiter's fourth moon. For him each day was a torment — bullied at school for his peculiar Jupiterian constitution and poked and prodded like a guinea pig at the lab. Until one day he met a man who makes his living recovering wrecked spaceships, a "salvager" named Reiji... This is a story about a boy who couldn't seize today cutting his own path into the unknowable tomorrow. This is an outer space frontier tale for a new generation!

Osanazuma de Gomen!

Lonely delinquent Manatsu Morisaki (18) receives a marriage proposal from her teacher Shinobu (26) after graduating from high school, and they tie the knot after zero days of dating. But even after becoming husband and wife, former teacher Shinobu continues to treat Manatsu like a student—when Manatsu wants to be treated like a wife!

Today's Burger

As a food trading company employee, Jinguji Satoshi has been exposed to food from all over the world. He recently quit his job to follow his dream of cooking hamburgers. What kind of burgers will the world-wise Jinguji bring to Japan? A hamburger-centered cooking manga!

A Female Warrior Who Fell to the Goblin Kingdom

Noel was an abandoned orphan, adopted by a nearby kingdom with a prophet-king that has some very strange plans in mind for his subjects! Noel's journey is full of suffering, pain, humiliation and bloody battles, but she endures as she wants her revenge!

Kanmuri's Watch Workshop

Kanmuri Ayako owns a watch workshop where many different people visit her, each with their own unique past, anecdotes and thoughts. A heartwarming, gentle story.
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