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Weak, clumsy, and shy, Tsukushi Tsukamoto is a prime target for bullies. Though he suffers through their torment, it leads to a fateful encounter with fellow Seiseki High School student Jin Kazama, a genius soccer player of the same age. After saving Tsukamoto from the bullies, Kazama invites him to a futsal match since his team is one man short. Although he struggles to keep up with the more experienced players, Tsukamoto is passionate and persistent; not even an injured foot stops him from running around the field. His endless runs and continuous efforts inspire the team, particularly the unmotivated Kazama. As Tsukamoto scores the winning goal, he realizes that he thoroughly enjoys soccer, as well as playing alongside Kazama. Inspired by Kazama, Tsukamoto decides to join him in the school's soccer club. Little does he know, the Seiseki team is renowned nationwide, and a terrible player like him might not even pass the selection process, let alone play in the first team. Even so, Tsukamoto forces his way into Seiseki with the only thing he is good at—running straight ahead! [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Even if people are born with super powers, they must serve as sidekicks of superheroes in order to become superheroes themselves. Lamia a.k.a Dream Girl has the power to make people fall asleep. She is the sidekick of Darkslug, who is not a great hero compared to his reputation. One day, Dream Girl and Theo work together to get rid of villains and save the world.


Your soul is the most valuable asset you own, and even if you don't want it, there are others who will gladly take it off your hands. This could happen to anyone, but we will follow the story of Gabriel, a young adult who, in his darkest hour, may have found a good use for the soul he didn't want any longer.


A hundred years ago, the genius inventor behind androids, Professor Gepetto, left behind a mysterious inheritance. After the war between humans and androids has ravaged the planet, androids start to break down and run out of time, while humans are struggling to survive in the lifeless wasteland that is Earth. A single blue-haired android left behind in the Professor's estate may be the key to solving the crises as decades-old plans are finally set into motion.


Dustin squiggles about being Frank.

Skate!!! Fire 100

Etna and her Fire 100 skate crew had a simple plan for the summer: hang out with good friends and skate through every last inch of Juniper, the mountain valley paradise they call home. But Mt. Juniper, the town’s long-dormant volcano has other plans. It’s about to rain fire and brimstone down on their home…that is unless the Fire 100 team can find a way to use their longboarding skills to protect the town from peril! Looks like it’s going to be a crazy summer!

Little Girl President

The president of Mujina Company, Najimu Mujina, isn't an adult, nor does she possess a genius intellect; she's a very ordinary 5-year-old girl. Followed by her indulgent and talented secretary, an office clerk of unknown nationality, and an employee who plays the straight man, the president charges into the world every day.

The Rain Spirit That Will Disappear in 30 Days

Tsuyu is the rainy season in Japan which occurs in the late spring through summer months.

Shougakusei Ga Mama Demo Ii Desu Ka?

The manga centers on a man having love problems at work, when a girl appears before him who turns out to be his reincarnated mother. (Source: ANN)

Up and Out

A weird comic for a weird world.

Power Ballad

As personal assistant to an international pop star, Meera Verma has her hands full trying to keep the gorgeous and talented Carina Peterson primped, polished, and mostly on time. As personal assistant to a Los Angeles-based masked vigilante, Meera has her hands full repairing body armor, stitching up knife wounds, and generally doing everything in her power to keep the mysterious and reckless Skeleton alive and out of trouble. Carrie's just trying to make some music and fight some crime.

Insect Girls

One day, a boy who loves Insects, "Anri Kajimi," meets "Makiri Oka," an Insect girl (Konchuki) who came from 100 years into the future. Oka, who is a "Konchuki" who has the characteristics of a human being and a insect, presses him into "mating with her"

Don't Hate

After the devastation of WWIV, humans have become virtually extinct and left the rest of the animal kingdom for themselves. Several decades of evolution later, the animals have grown in both population and human-like intelligence. Bucky is the last human on earth, and not everyone is a fan of his human history. He faces constant harassment and discrimination from his animal classmates to which he dreams of eradicating. It's not until he saves an all-powerful killer whale that his simple act of kindness becomes an endless cycle of pandemonium.

Lilac 200%

24-year-old Haneul Yeon both dislikes and envies Bunhong Jin, the girl who was mean to her in middle school and a popular idol who happens to be close to Haneul’s favorite idol, Robin. Haneul’s dream of switching places with her becomes a reality when the two of them end up swapping bodies after an accident. Haneul is overjoyed to be an idol and to see Robin frequently, but does she have what it takes to live the life of an idol?

The Cliff

Tensions rise as two men wait for someone to save their lives after falling and getting stranded on the cliffside of a dangerous hiking trail. When days pass with no indication of help, the cliff becomes a stage for confrontation, violence, and madness.
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