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Boys Over Flowers (Colored Edition)

Tsukushi Makino, a working-class girl, attends an elite elevator school called Eitoku Academy, populated by children from rich, high-society families. She is the "weed" of the school surrounded by all the rich kids including the "Flower" Four (F4). The F4 leader and son of the wealthiest, most powerful family in Japan, Tsukasa Domyoji, takes an interest in Tsukushi, because she is the only girl at Eitoku who doesn't fawn over him. However, his hot-headed nature and bullying ways are originally a major turn-off for Tsukushi, who has her sights set on someone else. (Source: Wikipedia) Volume 1: End of the Century

Baki-Dou (2018)

After more than 2,000 years, Nomi no Sukune's successor is born. This time, Baki will challenge the god of sumo. (Source: MangaDex)

Different Country Diary, Foreign Country Diary

The daily lives of a 15-year-old orphan and the 35-year-old lady novelist she ends up living with, and what happens when two polar opposite worlds try to "awkwardly" interact. (Source: MU)

No Matter What You Say, Furi-san Is Scary!

Misunderstood yankee girl Furi Youku has a crush on her classmate Taira Namito. She tries to gain his attention but Namito misinterprets her actions as a threat.

Akuma to Love Song Encore

New short serialization to commemorate the upcoming live-action adaptation of the manga.

Ichijou-San Wa Kao Ni Deyasui

Mahiro seems to admire Ichijou-san from afar. She’s the most popular student in the class and belongs to a very prestigious family. Despite all this, Ichijou-san treats everybody nicely and is equally kind to everyone. But she harbors a secret that Mahiro unexpectedly discovered— she’s a vampire! She claims she’s not interested in human blood, though there appear to be moments when she’s barely able to conceal her innermost desires… A bloodsucking, heart-throbbing love-comedy about a young lady vampire!


Kyouhei Saito, a first-year college student who's gloomy and negative—in other words, "depressing"—falls in love with Ayame Ogawa, a beauty and contestant of their school's beauty pageant. Will the depressing nobody's feelings reach the goddess who basks in the spotlight? The curtain rises on an ensemble cast drama of college students shaken by the glimmer and helplessness of youth! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Nyanta & Pomeko: I Believe In It Now It's too Late to Be Told

No one believed in me. It’s too late to say I believe you now. My childhood friend, my step-sister and the girl with glasses are all trying to get involved with me now. I don’t care anymore. Just leave me alone. This is a love story of a man who doesn’t believe in anyone.

Reverse Villain

Jung-woo is stuck in a reincarnation cycle along with his nemesis, Shin-Ryong. Ever since he was little, he had a dream. He wanted to become strong enough to conquer Murim. However, things did not always go the way he planned. Shin-Ryong defeated him on every occasion. At this point, Ha Jung-woo had been reincarnated 5 times and was defeated yet again. When he is reincarnated for the sixth time, he is born into the modern world. Being born into a new world changes Jung-woo's goal, as Murim is gone. Yet he continues training in order to defeat Shin-Ryong. Ultimately, he prioritizes the goal of becoming stronger to defeat Shin-Ryong, while trying to adapt to this modern world where he has a family and goes to a school like a normal person.

The Fierce Revolution

Death is the end... at least, that is the case for most people. After an ordinary salesman dies in a car crash caused by a couple making out, he is reincarnated in another world as a fierce and powerful dragon. However, being an evil dragon has its own share of problems, as adventurers and evil-beings alike seek him out in attempts to slay him. Kuroe, one adventurer who hasn't given up on defeating the dragon, keeps facing him in order to test herself and prove her mettle. But after suffering another loss, Kuroe and the evil dragon "Ja" have a heart-to-heart. With a new understanding between them, they leave Ja's home and set off for town together. Though their companionship is brief, it paves the way for Ja's hilarious travels and his many encounters throughout the world. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Planet of the Fools

The setting is a planet named Slars, where the indigenous Slarsians and alien Earthians coexist uneasily. Shinta descends from both races, and is thus shunned by either side, but becomes involved in a conflict around "Regalia" that hold a mysterious power. (Source: ANN)

Ponkotsu Kawaii Mamiya-san

"I know I'm a bit of a weeb, but I'm looking forward to working with you!" Ms. Mamiya, a senior employee with big breasts and a beautiful face, has moved into the seat next to Fujishiro, a working adult in the shadows. While hiding the fact that she is "Nisai-san," an influencer whom Mamiya-san admires, she weaves a gem of an office love comedy with Mamiya-san and other unique heroines such as her colleague, a cool beauty, and a high school girl who is a good tease!

I'm the Only One Not Crossdressing!?

Naoki Tozawa is adamant in his aim to grow into a man among men, so he decided to go to an all-boys high school with a long history of providing strong and tenacious men for society. However, he is shocked and dismayed when he discovers that after a year of attending the school, many of the students have started coming to school dressed as girls. Rumor has it that the cause of this is a member of the photography club, leading Naoki to confront Ueda, a boy in the club who makes a very convincing girl.

Love, Clairvoyance, and Adolescents

A girl endowed with the power of clairvoyance has, because of her ability, difficulty finding a relationship. One day a boy younger than her declares himself and the girl for the first time does not see a bleak future...

Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby

A manga part of the Uma Musume Project by Cygames, a game and an anime. It follows Special Week, an aspiring horsegirl athlete-idol, as she transfers in to the Traincent Academy to follow her dreams.

My Girlfriend has Multiple Personalities

Narita doesn't believe in love at first sight, but when he meets a cute high school girl named Tsubasa, he falls for her immediately and even confesses to her. They both decide to start out as friends, but then she comes out and tells him the she has multiple personalities...!?
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