Don’t Ignore Me

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Genres: Romance, Shounen Ai
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Don’t Ignore Me summary:
In a certain city there are such two school tyrants: One: not sociable, no early love, addicted to studying and progressively more withdrawn. The other: My partner must be dedicated, adorable and obedient. A certain day, these two school tyrants met. Jiang Yao: This brat, don’t know what’s good for you. Jiang Yao: This brat is actually quite cute. Jiang Yao: Brat... Yin Che: Get lost. Sunshine Big Bad Wolf vs Lonely Little Bunny Jiang Yao X Yin Che Don't Ignore Me Lǐ Wǒ Yī Xià Paying Attention to Me All at Once 理我一下