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Don't Kiss Me

키스하지 마
Status: Finished
Published: ?
Views: 4577
Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
www.mangakakalot.is rate : 3.7 / 5 - 3 votes
Don't Kiss Me summary:
He cries whenever he’s kissed?! On the first day of university, Haebin, who had never been rejected before due to his gorgeous/handsome appearance, met Shiyul, who was prickly from their first meeting, and began to get butterflies. At the end of a long while of clinginess, Haebin finally entered Shiyul’s room! After watching a gay porno his friend sent as a joke, he got swept away in the atmosphere and kissed Shiyul, who reacted with fear and surprise, rejected him, and even hid while crying. Will Haebin be able to overcome Shiyul’s trauma and kiss him in the end?