Jiangshi X

A silent darkness threatens a thousand years of peace... Who can stand up to great evil...and Jiangshi?! Young warriors, become the light that defeats despair! Welcome to this new Chinese battle fantasy series!

Alakshmi Is the Goddess of Bad Luck

The world is full of suffering. Times are good for Alakshmi, the Goddess of Bad Luck. Too good in fact, as it's making her gain weight at an alarming pace. Now she must go to the human world and do good deeds to slim down.

Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World

The story of four adventurers, all who have experienced betrayal and hardship, banding together to give the middle finger to society.

The Monstrous Gui

Childhood friends Seunghwan, Dohee and Sangmin continue their cherished friendship even when they entered high school. However, they’re friend Sangmin disappeared due to the appearance of grosteque creatures called Goei (Gui)… As they search for their friend Sangmin, they found a few secrets… Will Seunghwan be able to recover his childhood friend?


The Genius Fighter Jason Kim. However his winning streak ends with an accident during match, and he couldn’t use his left arm anymore. After defeat, he quit the pro scene and returned to hometown, but the life is just hard to live quietly for such fighter.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon: Remnant One

In U.C. 0092 the "Cerberus Squadron," of Newborn Neo Zeon —a Newtype unit led by Brown and Meyer— are ordered to capture Fifth Luna.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC MSV Kusabi

Rugged soldiers mourning on Earth and in outer space. The UC world’s MSV story begins! The development of Federation Forces mobile suits hidden in the shadows of war…

Katagi Modoshi

"If there is a wild beast that strays from the path (Katagi), I will return it to the path (Katagi)."A bruise like a tattoo on the back, a yakuza with a different ability with a gate crest,Commonly known as "Goblet" is rampant in Reiwa / TokyoAizawa, a high school student whose father was killed by a Goblet, is desperately searching for the culprit.His purpose of seeking overwhelming power along with information on the criminal is revenge, or...?Katagi's anger strikes in a violent yakuza society!Master craftsman Shitara Kiyoto's soulful masterpiece, villain superpower action play (picaresque action)!!!

A white mage who was exiled after being handed a knife in an SSS rank dungeon. Due to the curse of Yggdrasil, he overcame his weak point, lack of magical power, and became the strongest in the world

Rei, a white mage who belongs to an A-rank adventurer party, is expelled from the party as a useless person who cannot move after using Heal once. Only one dagger knife was handed over. Left alone in the SSS rank dungeon, Labyrinth of Yggdrasil, Rei prepares for death… You're the first human to reach this far. As if being guided by something, Rei meets Norn, a mysterious girl who lives in the lowest level of the dungeon, World Tree! Rei, who obtained infinite magical power, was trained by Norn to survive in this harsh dungeon… Norn, I… there was something left unfinished. The boy who has become the strongest returns to earth with only one knife in his hand…! The strongest high fantasy begins here!

Martial Streamer

TaeMin was a student taking a gap year, when he ended up electrocuting himself while trying to become a Youtuber. However, he ends up being reincarnated as Zhao Ga-hui in a world of martial arts, with livestreaming abilities to boot! With the special ability to access Youtube when he closes his eyes, he starts streaming his daily life in ancient China, with the goal of becoming the ultimate merchant and martial artist!

Soul Gear

All Zack wanted to do was to make his dad proud by opening a restaurant but when demonic creatures awaken and threaten to destroy it all, some things get moved to the back burner.

Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master

The soul of the charming and imposing Murim Alliance Leader, Hu Gong, suddenly possesses the body of a darn young man’s body one day. That young man’s name is Beom Hang. He’s the young master of the ‘Heavenly Grand Archive’, one of the three major archives of the jianghu, yet a sorry excuse of a person. In order to determine why his soul has swapped bodies, Hu Gong begins to train Beom Hang’s body. When the possessed young master of the Heavenly Grand Archive’s movements are totally different from how they used to be, it starts to attract the attention of the jianghu…

The stronges heroes, now in their 40's, once again become warriors on the battlefield

The final war "Titanomachia". After a deadly battle, humanity completely destroyed the demons and won. Twenty-five years later. Alan, one of the Seven Heroes who subjugated Demon King Beelzebub in the Great War, is already 43 years old. As a frontier knight commander, his superiors and subordinates said things like "Rotor" and "the heyday has passed", but he lived a peaceful life. However, things take a turn for the worse. The demon army, which should have perished, suddenly revived and attacked. Subordinates who are defeated without resistance. Aristocrats who just push responsibility to each other. So Alan stood up again. This time, to cut off the root of evil and connect it to the next generation. In response, the former comrades-in-arms gather again. Now, seven legends return to the battlefield! !

Shijou Saikyou No Kyuutei Tamer

An exiled Tamer will create a paradise in an undeveloped land!? This is the story of a man who supported the country from the shadows and becomes the center of the world. Yukia, who serves the country as a court tamer, is suddenly dismissed one day. Yukia suggests that if she is dismissed, not only dragons and demon beasts, but even horses will not listen to her orders, but the nobles dismiss her as nonsense, and she is kicked out of the country without persuasion. Therefore, Yukia decided to head for an undeveloped area in the north with her family and escaped from the royal capital. Then, by taming various creatures with unconventional power, he builds a familiar paradise! On the other hand, the aristocrats who kicked out Yukia ended up inflicting great damage on the creatures in the imperial court who no longer listened to their orders...!? The strongest tame life outside the standard begins!

LBX Girls

Battle of armored girls, less gag, more everyday! The blockbuster RPG app "Armored Girl Miserem Crisis" presented by Level-5 x DMM GAMES x CoroCoro Aniki is comicalized with less battle and more gag! !! The author is Hiroshi Kawamoto, a master of the beautiful girl manga world who has been active in numerous magazines such as "Comic BomBom" and "Comic Jumbo"! !! Twice Armored girls live a happy life in public baths, table tennis, beaches and mudless (the world does not save).
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