As a Watchmaker, I Was Kicked Out of the Craftsman's Guild Because My Incompetence Was Deemed Unnecessary, but I Awakened to My True Power in the Depths of the Dungeon

In a world where skills are supreme, Shikuro is given the incompetent skill of "clock-user. One day, Shikuro, who is looked down upon by others, is accused of rape and sent to the frontier, where he is pushed down a hole that leads to a dungeon's deepest level. In the depths of his desperate situation, he thought to himself, "If only I could use my clock-user ability to stop my stomach clock as well. Then the hunger would stop. This triggered the awakening of his skill "clock-user. Eventually, he makes full use of his abilities and is recognized as an SSS-class adventurer--.

Aoharujima – Boku no Inochi wo Seishun ni Sasagu

Sakuragokujima__ An island like heaven where adults and students alike live happily. If you live on this island, you will surely have a fulfilling school life full of youth. But that's what it looks like on the surface... The true identity of this island is a crazy island full of believers ruled by a certain cult. All the residents believe in..."Youth"! ? Those who live the most youthful lives are the closest to God. That's why the islanders act as if they are the main characters of the story today... Shuichi Maki, a transfer student who has realized the truth of this island, dodges the crazy "youth stories" that occur one after another, Can you escape from the island of cultists! ?

Hand Surgery

Hands. It is one of the most complex organs in the human body, with a particularly complex function and structure. Therefore, there is a doctor who specializes in this organ: <Hand Surgeon>. Isshin Tezuka is a hand surgeon at Ohrando Hospital. He has an aloof appearance and is full of mystery, but the only thing that is certain about him is that he is an extremely talented hand surgeon. This is a life story woven by his hands and the many hands he heals. An authentic medical drama for the new era!

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (Comic Book Ver.)

Star secretary Miso Kim has been by vice-chairman Youngjun Lee’s side through thick and thin for nine years...until she suddenly quits! Her unexpected declaration throws Youngjun for a loop. After all, what more could she want in life to abandon an excellent job working for a boss like him? So when Miso reveals she’s leaving to finally live her own life and find love, he sets out to prove that he’s the ultimate catch—whatever it takes to convince her to stay!

The Knight King Who Returned with a God

I returned to Earth after hunting demons in the otherworld for three hundred years. However, I did not return alone.

Rental 105

A mysterious boy lives in a small apartment & can see ghosts. He let them take over his body to solve their problems.

How to Get My Husband on My Side

In the original lines of the novel, I was a villainess—used as a political tool by my father and older brother—who ended up dying at the hands of my future husband. To save his kingdom, my father desperately begged my fifth groom to take my hand in marriage. The problem is that the man I’m supposed to marry, the legendary knight of the North, is the same man who will end up murdering me and my entire family. I have to find a way to survive. Within the novel itself, there are many daunting challenges ahead of me: I have to find a way to save my husband’s little sister, win over my cold-hearted husband, and gain the support of the people of the North, all of whom currently despise me. “I’m in love with you!” So please, don’t kill me! I thought I'd finally escaped my hellish life when I died in an airplane crash, but I fell into another nightmare when I awoke as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a minor villain from a historical novel destined to die at the hands of her husband, Iske van Omerta. Surviving with the dysfunctional Borgia family is hard enough, but now I have to marry the man who will kill me! Still, it’s okay, I just have to convince Iske, his family, and all his countrymen that I’m completely harmless! How hard can that be?

World’s Greatest Senior Disciple

A senior disciple from a countryside martial academy returns as the world’s best! Dragged into a brutal political war, senior disciple ‘Hyeok Musang’ didn’t return after the bloody war ended. No one knew whether he was still alive for 5 years. Upon barely returning to his hometown, he found his Dragon Tiger Martial Academy being persecuted and destroyed by a third-rate gang. He thought he could live peacefully with his fellow members after winning the war but seeing the miserable state of his master and fellow disciples, he was filled with anger and guilt. With the return of the senior disciple, everyone thought things would get better but only for a moment. Things were still happening in his hometown of Yangzhou County. Was the war really over? The head disciple raises his sword against the dangers threatening his Dragon Tiger Martial Academy.

Aru Majo ga Shinu Made – Owari no Kotoba to Hajimari no Namida

"You're going to die. One year to go." On the day of her 17th birthday, Meg Raspberry, an apprentice witch, receives a sudden death sentence from her teacher Faust, a witch of long standing. In order to lift the curse of her "death sentence," she must collect human "tears of joy" to create the "seed of life." Can Meg, an energetic, headstrong, and sometimes impudent apprentice witch, bring joy to people and avoid the fate of death...! This is a story of a gentle miracle performed by an inexperienced witch who has been told she has only one year to live.

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

Devoid of professional skills, unemployed Yu Damduk was forced to take a part-time job. Frustrated with his pathetic life, he vents to the gods, gets stricken by lightning and passes out. [Hiring] God is waiting for you. When he wakes up, he finds a status window floating before his eyes. Since I have nothing to lose anyway, let’s go with the flow… Jumping into God’s Part-time world to have a better life, the adventure of Yu Damduk, who became the lowest-class God in the part-time world, begins!

Poison Poison Forest Forest

In the deep, deep forest. Tamagotake, a mushroom fairy who has been left alone in the world after her parents were killed, is chasing after the culprit, Tsukiyotake, to take revenge on him. In the Sea of Trees, where life and death intersect, can the young Tamago take revenge on the hated Tsukiyo? An unprecedented mushroom suspense begins

My Cultivation Simulator

Reborn into a parallel world plagued by monstrous creatures and the decline of daoism, Xu Yuan discovers a powerful tool known as the Life Simulator. With its help, he can explore infinite possibilities and gain extraordinary abilities inherited from the experiences of all humankind. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and only through my birth as Xu Yuan can darkness be vanquished! 时代漫王

Unscientific Divine Beast

Welcome to a world where beast-taming is the norm. Here, humans can form contracts with a vast array of creatures – from animals, plants, and elements to spectres, robots, and even antique blades with cultivated spirits. Meet the nine-tailed flame fox, the tree of life, the thunder cloud fairy, the skeleton lord, the robotic fleet maiden, and many more fascinating beasts. These creatures are nurtured and tamed by individuals known as tamers. Shi Yu, a skilled mythologist and archaeologist, suddenly finds himself transmigrated to this world. With a passion for uncovering lost legends and discovering his own past, he sets out on an extraordinary journey of unconventional taming. Join him as he embarks on an exciting adventure full of mystery and wonder. Bu Kexue Yu Shou Bù Kēxué Yù Shòu Unscientific Divine Beast Unscientific Tame 不科学御兽

ATRI: My Dear Moments

Game novel populer "ATRI -My Dear Moments-". Karya ini, yang menawarkan popularitas yang mengakar baik di Jepang maupun di luar negeri, dikomikasikan oleh Jako dengan sapuan kuas transparan! Di kota yang tenang tenggelam ke laut, "musim panas yang tak terlupakan" dimulai untuk anak laki-laki dan robot perempuan.
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