I don't really understand the different world, but I got champagne!!!

Leo opened his long-awaited store and gained the position of top host. However, the peak night collapses in an instant. I don’t really understand the other world, but if I put champagne, I can’t do anything about it! Welcome to another world host club, Hime

Bloodhound’s Regression Instinct

“Yan,” the protagonist, was brainwashed by the emperor and lived as his puppet. After finding out he was being played by the emperor, he planned to seek revenge, but collapsed due to the emperor’s might. He thought he had died, but when he woke up, he realized he had regressed to the time when he was a recruit. Whether to seek revenge on the emperor or to find his family. The choice lay in his hands.

Ashita in Hell

Ashita, a high schooler who will do anything for love, falls down the stairs after a heartbreak. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself crossing the River Styx in the arms of a beautiful woman. Gently comforted by Gasha, the woman, Ashita agrees to go on a trip to Hell. Then Gasha, the headmaster of a school for demons, decides to enroll Ashita...! His school life of bloodshed begins!

Princess, Please Stay Away From Me!

Women? It’s fine to play with them for a bit, but as for those sacred vows professing eternal love? Heh, I’m sorry. I won’t believe a single word! Especially if they’re coming from the mouth of a beautiful girl… That’s what I used to think. However, after I transmigrated one day and was bedded by a certain loli princess, I… seem to have changed.

Isekai de Mizu no Dai Seirei Yattemasu.

When Nagi Saejima, a carefree high school student, wakes up from a doze, he became a lake in a different world!? Nagi, w finds out that he is the "Great Spirit of Water" whose main body is the lake, heals those who suffer from injuries and diseases with the power that dwells in himself. One day, Nagi is led by a voice calling for help and summoned by a boy. That encounter will greatly change the fate of Nagi. Alphapolis's 2nd Next Generation Fantasy Cup "Unique Character Award" winner, long-awaited comicalize!! "Since I was revered, I have to save it with the power of God's healing."

The World of That Otome Games is Tough for Us

Leon was reincarnated in the world of an otome game that he was forced by his sister to conquer just before his death. He tried to live a peaceful life as a mob character, but he encountered a scene where a female student ignored the flow of the story and tried to become the main character. Leon ended up seizing Marie, a girl who had a similar atmosphere to his sister from his previous life, and succeeded in thwarting the scheme. It should have have been the right choice... but why was he feeling uneasy about it?

Bride on the Guillotine: The Dragon Princess Who Destroys the World

A "dragon" appears from a container that fell in front of Dazai Ryunosuke's eyes. The disastrously beautiful "dragon", Rinne Irako, had been condemned to death as a world-destroying calamity, and was being transported to a place of refuge. Rinne Irako was sentenced to death and transported. But as fate would have it, the "dragon" girl had a miraculous encounter with a boy, and her destiny was about to change drastically.

The Prince's Keeper: The Cursed Prince Is Too Fluffy to Resist!

In the residential area of the royal capital, a socially anxious apprentice witch, Miranda, manages the storefront of an enchanted medicines and sundries shop. Her quiet life is interrupted when an invitation to a royal tea party arrives. At the palace’s greenhouse, she encounters Prince Heinrich—but…as a cat?! Cursed to take the form of a fluffy feline, he then shockingly requests her to become his keeper! Thus begins the slightly suggestive tale of a witch with a handsome prince as a familiar!

My Blade Will Lead the Way! Abandoned in a Labyrinth as a Directionally Challenged S-Rank Swordsman

The swordsman, Jir, had just joined a well-known S-rank party when he finds himself stranded all alone in the hardest labyrinth. Normally, there's no way to survive such a situation other than to wait for rescue. Relying on nothing but his heroic sword skills, Jir decides to escape on his own! "Heh! You're all bark and no bite, Labyrinth!" he boldly declares. Due to his extremely poor sense of direction, he's completely unaware that he's headed towards the deepest level where the labyrinth boss awaits!!

Isekai Kobayashi Sachiko: The Advent of the Last Boss

A fantasy comedy about the famous enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi.Kobayashi, who has been worshiped as a demon king, rebuilds the world destroyed by heroes with her gorgeous costumes and songs.

Shi ni Kake Akuyaku Reijou no Shissou - Kaishin shite mo Muda Datta no de Hatsukoi no Hito ga Sarattekuremashita

Sirena is reborn as a villainess in an Otome game. She was supposed to live a peaceful life to avoid the scenario, but she is caught up in a family commotion, her life is in danger, and for some reason, she is kidnapped by her first love...? For the second time in my life, it is "I" myself who will make myself happy! The awakened Sirena's up-and-coming story!

Tada no JK, Isekai de Maou ni Naru

An ordinary high school girl, Iri Katagiri, is suddenly transferred to another world! At her new destination, she finds demons who were trying to revive the Demon King...? The JK Demon King descends to the demon world! Another world transfer fantasy!

Climbing the Tower that Even the Regressor Couldn’t

My girlfriend, who was drunk and lost her mind, suddenly said strange things. "Su-hyeok, I've regressed." "Regressed?" "Yes, I've come back in time." "Are you crazy?" "You are the only hope for humanity." And then I was taken to the tower… But it doesn't matter! Regressor? Tower? Trials? Whatever it is, It doesn't matter but what I know is I'll conquer this goddamn tower!

Kalli the Champion

After giving up his dream as a boxer, Park Kang-tae joined a gang. He was well-known inside the gang but got killed in the end. He had one regret when he died―Giving up his dream as a boxer. Did God know about his regret? In a world, where boxing exists in the form of pugilist games, Park Kang-tae pursues his unfulfilled dream.

Byoujaku na Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Konyakusha ga Kahogo sugite Nigedashitai (Watashitachi Kenen no Naka deshita yo ne!?)

A corporate slave in her previous life, our protagonist finds herself reincarnated as Fiona, the villainous noble lady in an otome game she used to play. Finally, this is her chance at a leisurely life... but it turns out that Fiona is actually quite sickly and weak. Hey, this was not in the original setting!! But now, everything makes much more sense. Clearly Fiona was a villainess in the original game because she was always unwell and ended up taking her frustrations out on others... If things continue like this, Fiona won't be able to live a leisurely, slow life! In order to improve her health, she changes her lifestyle and attitude, but as soon as her fiancé Louis, who had always been hostile to her, finds out about her situation, he becomes super overprotective. Why does he have to start doting on Fiona now?! "Breaking off the engagement? There's no way I'd do that." "From now on, you can ask me for anything. I'll make it happen. whatever it is." It's too sweet compared to the original...!

Nichiasa Reincarnation, Regarding the Destruction of the Destruction Flag as a Result of a Nichiasa-Loving Otaku Being Reincarnated as a Villainous Student.

Yugo Kurei is a high school student that loves tokusatsu hero shows. One day, he loses his life protecting a child from a street slasher, but he is reincarnated in another world as Yugo Clay, a character from a certain game. However, Yugo is the most disliked person in the school and is destined to die tragically… He was reincarnated as a villain, but with the new power of magic in his hands, he aims to become a hero! “In this world, I can become the strongest hero!” A hero story of a tokusatsu otaku who rises from the bottom while crushing his doom flags!
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