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Arm Strike Panzer

To repel the invaders from another world, just flip the cat's skirt !? An exciting comedy about the world and the crisis of pants !!

Bookmark Followed by 15 people 10 StatusOngoing TypeManga Gomen Asobase, Tonogata-sama! ~100-nin no Ikemen to no Flag wa Subete Orasete Itadakimasu~

In the world of the otome game "100 Koi" that I had been working on during my lifetime I was reincarnated as a heroine sphere in a baby state. The heroine is a popular setting that is sought after by 100 handsome men, My recommendation is Altina, the villain's daughter! If you become a love enemy according to the scenario, you have to ❝ Zamaa ❞ ... That's impossible! Then reap her love buds (flags) directed at me and let her have a happy ending! "In the future you will love me, so I'll break my heart right now." Men are attacked by an unspoken mental attack--! The unprecedented (⁉) flag destruction romance opens brilliantly! Manga original contest "Comicalize Party" winning work!

Neta Chara Tensei to ka anmari da!

Guy dies and reincarnates into another world as the female character he made. Toru Aikawa, a college student who spends his days immersing himself in games because his daily life is so boring, was standing alone in a forest in a different world when he realized why. Moreover, it seems that he has reincarnated into the “news character” made by playing the game. TS reincarnated into the strongest heroine packed with the overflowing Chuunibyo and his own ideals! A different world with a story technique !? The strongest TS reincarnation fantasy opens here !!

Yuujin Chara wa Taihen desu ka?

My first impression of Ryuuga was “This is the kind of protagonist you’d see in something like an anime.” Then, that thought soon changed into conviction. First of all, this guy almost never talks about his past. Also, he frequently slips out of class. As soon as he comes back, he gets extremely tired, blood comes out from his lips, the sleeves and cuffs of his uniform get torn, and so forth. Furthermore, there’s always beauties that are surrounding Ryuuga. The one who’s like an idol within the school, Yukimiya Shiori. The cool expert of the sword, Aogasaki Rei. The mysterious transfer student, Elmira McCartney. It’s very tiring for me when these people appear in front of Ryuuga. I have to frantically make a fuss by saying things like “H, hey Ryuga! How did you get acquainted with Yukimiya!”, “W, why did the beautiful swordswoman Aogasaki come to the classroom to specifically meet Ryuga?!”, or “E, E, Elmira! What is it that you see in Ryuga!” …So why am I doing this? That’s because I, Kobayashi Ichirou, am a pro at being a friend. My life’s calling is to support Hinomori Ryuuga, the protagonist amongst protagonists, as a close friend character. ―Let the curtains open for the rom-com presented by co-starring best friend, Kobayashi Ichirou!

Glass Syndrome

Nijou is the perfect student. He's class president, great at sports, and beloved by all his classmates, especially the girls. But he hides his true feelings; deep down he's terrified of letting everyone down with anything less than perfection and being rejected. As the most responsible and respected member of the class, he's asked by their teacher to check in on Toomi, a student who hasn't been to school in a while. Toomi sees straight through Nijou's insecurities and acts belligerent, but he has a secret of his own; in order to pay off his father's gambling debts, he performs in drag on an adult cam site as "Haruka." When Nijou accidentally discovers the truth, he struggles with whether he should tell Toomi, or continue to feign ignorance. But at the same time he finds himself developing feelings for Haruka...or is it really Toomi he's falling in love with? (Source: Tokyopop) Soujikei no Koi

Lady Villain Fell Into a Common Person

A salaryman was suddenly killed one day. When he woke up, for some reason he became Kotone Kisaragi, the selfish daughter of a famous family. Taking over the life of the daughter who was disowned by her parents' house, he decided to lead a normal daily life. However, because of the original Kotone, he can't live a normal life! (Source: Gentosha, translated)

Josou wo Yamerarenaku Naru Otokonoko no Hanashi

Kazu likes to dress up as a girl. After a lot of training, he thinks he's perfect, and he just wanted someone to say that he is beautiful. Masaru, his childhood friend, sees him that way, thinking that he, indeed, had turned into a girl! Now Kazu must solve this misunderstanding.

Otoko no Ko Heaven

by various mangaka dealing with shota/traps.

Chirality: To the Promised Land

The story is set in a not too distant future, in which Earth has been overrun by a horrifying technovirus. Mechanical parasites, mistakenly created in an attempt to advance technology, attach themselves to human spinal cords and turn their hosts into cyborgs. Desperate to rid themselves of this technological terror, the remaining human survivors try to band together and learn to defend themselves against android enemies.

You & Scandal

Takasaki Tomoka is a young girl seeking love. She had finally found her prince and slowly began to think of a way to speak to him. Tomoka met up with her childhood classmate from piano lessons, Miyazawa Arata and was invited to a performance by his band. There, she met the prince she had been admiring for many days. After becoming drunk, Tomoka confessed her love to her prince but problems arise with Tomoka having to take her love down through a dangerous path. (Source: M-U)

ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!

Mihari Oyama's brother turns into a girl after she slips a certain medicine into his dinner. This is the story of him learning the ways of being a girl.

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex

Takushi Hatsujou had played with a twin brother and sister when they were all kids, and he fell in love with the sister, culminating in his asking for her hand in marriage when they grew up, to which she agreed. However, they were torn apart for 10 years until Takushi is finally able to get his grandfather's permission to marry her. When they finally reunite, he is surprised to find they both look like girls. Although he knows one of them is cross-dressing, he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl. (Source: MU)

Yojo Life!

Akihiko Shimura, 20 years old, wakes up one morning as a blonde little girl. (Source: MU)

Neta Character Tensei toka Anmari da! The Comic

Aikawa Tohru dies saving a girl from being run over by a truck and reincarnates into another world as Nacht Schaten, the female character he made at Real World Online.

Herscherik R – The Epic of the Reincarnated Prince

The day before 35-year-old otaku lady Ryouko Hayakawa's birthday, she met her end by way of a traffic accident―or at least, she was supposed to. But when she opened her eyes, she found herself in a fantasy world. What's more, she had reincarnated as the blond-haired, blue-eyed seventh prince, Herscherik! Fully enjoying a leisurely prince life free from worldly cares as a prince, Herscherik finds the king of this great country despised by retainers and officials alike, with corruption running rampant; quite the unpleasant state of affairs. Realizing this at a mere 3-years of age, in order to save the country, Herscherik will have to rely on the "office worker" skills and "conman ability" from their previous life and take action! (Source: Futabasha, translated)

Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie

Cecilia Sylvie was born with a silver spoon. Surrounded by sweets galore, wonderfully fine clothing, and spoiled rotten, she became an arrogant and selfish child. That was until, at five years of age, she realized that she was the villainess of an otome game she played in her previous life. Even worse, every ending leads to death! Resolved to turn her miserable fate around, Cecilia decides to become a man! Twelve years later, she enters an academy under the alias "Cecil," an unknown boy of lower nobility. All she wants is a peaceful school life, yet she finds herself at the center of attention anyway. Her female classmates are infatuated with her, the crown prince won't stop pestering "Cecil" about Cecilia, and the main heroine is acting entirely out of character. Having her hands full with all kinds of unexpected developments, can Cecilia keep her gender a secret and avoid a bad end? [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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