God Is Telling Me to Fall in Love

Chiyoko, in her second year of high school, transfers to a co-ed school due to her dad's job transfer. Since she's only attended an all-girls school since junior high, she excitedly plans to fall in love in her new school. Out of the blue, she begins to see the love meters of 5 hotties and an options window as if she were in an otome game?! She encounters various types such as a glasses boy, a playboy underclassman, and a mysterious senior. Meet-cutes with boys come one after another. This is the beginning of a real otome game school life!

My big boss daddy’s

When the young monk Ji An Ruan, who didn't know her life experience, she was five years old, she was taken down the mountain by the master who raised her to entrust her to five dads who she hadn't met. Relying on her cuteness, Ruan Ruan successfully moved to come to survey the environment but unexpectedly met Ruan Ruan's first father-Mu Shen. Mu Shen, who originally disliked children and didn't think he would have children, was gradually conquered when he got along with her, and became a standard dad I Have Five Big Boss Daddies / My big boss daddy's / I Have Five Mogul Fathers / 我有五个大佬爸爸 / I Have Five Magnate Dads / I have five big boss dads

The Supreme Almighty Master

"The most versatile student in history! An adventure changed my life. From then on, I got a full score in the exam, I will hit the score, basketball genius, swimmer, beautiful harem... omnipotent, how lonely~~ ~" Just another manhua trash with big boob

The Supreme Almighty Master Remake

The young man, Xia Tian, suddenly obtained x-ray vision and from then on began series of infinite blessings. He was apprenticed to martial arts masters, made friends with treasure experts, and won the favor of countless women... He continued to grow and became the Supreme Almighty Master one step at a time. Xin Jipin Quanneng Gaoshou / The Ultimate All-Rounder Remake / 新极品全能高手 / Xīn Jípǐn Quánnéng Gāoshǒu

I left the A-rank party and headed for the depths of the labyrinth with my former students.

"I can't do this!" Yoke Feldio, A Red Mage, has left his A-rank party of five years to become an adventurer, and has finally run out of patience with his life as an adventurer. being ridiculed as a "Handyman" and "poor dexterity"! And so begins a desperate life of joblessness.... HOWEVER! Soon after Yoke is welcomed into a party of former students, all of whom are girls! And as he conquers dungeons, Yoke's abilities are revealed one after another. In fact, the magic and skills that he wields have a power that is beyond the norm--?

29-Years-Old Bachelor Was… Brought to a Different World to Live Freely

This is a story of a 29-years-old bachelor who was brought to a different world to live freely. Caught by an “unwanted” wife from day one, his life is not going so smoothly when the entire country focuses its attention on him in ten days. Without losing to such an obstacle (?), he will continue to live on.

Technology Big Brother To Repair Immortality

Manhua Synopsis: The strongest school bully crossed into the cultivation world of the down and out scraps, technology to cultivate immortality, half the effort. Hard-core school bully Su Yang easily reversed, play the immortal cultivation world!

My Noble Family Is Headed for Ruin, So I May As Well Study Magic in My Free Time

A man who was enjoying an evening drink got transferred to the body of Liam, the fifth son of a nobleman from another world. "I spent easy days practicing the magic I had longed for, and learned not only attribute magic, but also how to summon spirits, obtain powerful familiars, and ended up mastering even the most difficult magic!" He became an adventurer aiming for independence from his parents' house, which was scheduled to fall, and before he knew it, he became a higher-ranking aristocrat rather than one of the best magicians in the world.

Becoming a Big Boss Starts With Spending Money

Chu Zheng was bound to the money-squandering system by accident and traveled to another world. She'd die unless she squandered money there. Her missions were to spend money, to avenge on those who used to be bad to her, and even to make sure the innocent hero was healthy both physically and mentally. All this drove Chu Zheng crazy—She'd never heard of such missions... But there was nothing she could do with the powerful system. Therefore, by completing those missions, she proved a truth to us: Becoming a boss in another world starts with spending money!

Bitten to Reign

After rebirth, the world has changed. The blood race has become the master of the world, and humans have completely accepted this life and are proud to be blood dependents, as the saying goes: humans who have not been sucked by the blood race are not good humans. Wang Zhe wanted to repair the regrets left in his previous life and make a better life, but….

Reincarnation Coliseum

Average high school student Mikagami​ Kouji is a hardcore gamer. One day he gets isekai'd and he only gets the skill "copy" which is apparently useless but we all know it's secretly OP or something. He's enslaved to be a gladiator by his summoner, the big booba, head priestess Zaido. He has to fight in the Colosseum and if he loses he gets raped.

A Sugar Daddy in another world

Takumi is a cheat reincarnate who visits a magical city in another world. His purpose is ...... "I want to play with young girls!" Takumi, who was strong enough to slay a dragon, retired as an adventurer out of fear for his life. His next ambition is to live as a "daddy's uncle. With the help of a good elf, Lolibaba, and his amassed wealth, he is steadily attracting young girls, but this is a different world. Monsters appear on his dates, he gets lost in dungeons ......, and even his daddy's life is on the line! The adventurous drama filled with love, excitement, and sexiness by a former S-class adventurer, "Papa Katsudo Uncle," begins now...

Bride of Elysion

Elysian, the world which only has males. Which one of them will be my husband? The main character, Yoo In-ah, was suddenly transported to the world of Elysian on her way to the convenience store. Elysian, the place where only males are born. Just to reproduce, females are summoned and are treated like a goddess in Elysian. How is Yoo In-Ah going to survive in a strange place filled with magic, politics, and schemes?
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