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Release That Witch

A male engineer transmigrated to another country, and became a prince. Strikingly similar to the Middle Ages in Europe, does this position look different, but at the same time?. Witches do exist and they have supernatural powers too! The power of magic is energy efficient! Stop the witches, and unleash efficient forces! Clear diagram, battling monsters, crushing conspiracies, scaling the science and technology tree and opening the way for serious ‘farming!’. Release That Witch. A male engineer transmigrated and became a prince into another world. This location looks remarkably similar to Europe’s Middle Ages, but at the same time it looks different? Witches do exist and they have supernatural powers too! The power of magic is energy efficient! Stop the witches, and unleash efficient forces! Clear diagram, battling monsters, crushing conspiracies, scaling the science and technology tree and opening the way for serious ‘farming!’.

Philia Rosé: The Prophecy of the Crown of Thorns

A hot-headed young nun must stop an uprising by a murderous prince prophesied to bring about the destruction of their kingdom. But there’s more to this nun than meets the eye. Philia is a young woman hiding in a child’s body -- but with the power to read minds and see visions. Meanwhile, Prince Leo of Elaion is raising a formidable army to take over his father’s throne. Can Philia convince him to give up his blood-thirsty ambitions and stave off the demise of the Kingdom of Elaion?

Regina Rena: To the Unforgiven

Rena Rubel is a beautiful woman who has faced her share of hardships, as she was offered as a sacrifice by her own father, Marquis Rubel. She manages to survive and one day encounters a man named Lin, who belatedly discovers she is a powerful warrior who can hold her own. Rena gifts him with the elusive altar stone, and he promises to pay her back. They agree to meet again, and she continues to travel with her maid Yuni, seeking her father for his sins of the past. Can he be forgiven?

Nobunaga Kouteiki – Oda-san Chi no Hachi Otoko desu

When I woke up in the bathroom in the morning, I hit my head with a lightheadedness … When I noticed, it was during the Warring States period !? It’s okay to be reincarnated as the eighth son of Oda Nobuhide, the warlord of Owari Province, and Nobunaga’s younger brother, the beautiful boy, and the prestigious Kirokuro. Almost none. He is not interested in the world or the war, but he wants to secure a comfortable life …! The Sengoku heartwarming slow life story that gained popularity in “Become a Novelist” is here! In the age of fifty years of life, aim for a 100-year-old Ojo!

The Crimson Blade

Yeoran is a wandering warrior, whose sole mission in life is to find the demon that killed her father. One night, she finds herself warped into the demon world, having to save Princess Jaha from being married off to the Demon Master. There, Yeoran discovers traces of her father, bringing her one step closer to finding his killer. To find more answers and fulfill her lifelong mission, Yeoran becomes Princess Jaha’s bodyguard. Will Yeoran finally be able to find closure?

Tricked into Becoming the Heroine's Stepmother

After her death, Daisy Heidi is reincarnated into the world of “Why Did the Duke’s Daughter Roll Across the Pumpkin Patch?”, a so-called “tragedy” novel where the beautiful heroine Pierta indulges in reckless lust and hedonism with ten ardent suitors to a bitter end. Though Daisy is reborn as a poor commoner in this world, she has one distinct advantage over others in her second chance at life -- she’s the author of the original novel! When fate brings Daisy into the lives of the novel’s heroine Pierta and her dashing father Duke Henstone, Daisy vows to do everything she can to prevent Pierta’s future of despair.

The First Night With the Duke

A handsome, selfish noble falls for a beautiful, kind commoner - at least, that’s how the story’s supposed to go. When an average college student wakes up as Ripley, an extra in her favorite romance novel, she resolves to enjoy the luxuries of her character’s status while watching the novel's plot unfold from the sidelines. However, her plans are soon derailed when she finds herself in bed with no other than Duke Zeronis, the novel’s hero! Dodging the villainess' schemes, the Duke's advances, and her own feelings, can Ripley keep the story on track and survive beyond the first night? Less...

Mind-Reading Princess

Used, betrayed, and tortured by her husband and sister, she died in despair, wondering why she couldn’t have seen though them earlier? Maybe God heard her question and turned back the clock. She woke up on the morning of her wedding and found herself able to read people’s mind. However, there’s this Prince who’s immune to her ability. What is he thinking? Will he undermine her revenging plan? No worries, she’s got the rest of her life as his wife to figure this man out…

Legend of Mir: The Golden Armored Dragon

“Where am I?” “What… am I?” In the world of a game, the guardian monster of the 7th floor of the abyss, the Golden Armored Dragon, has become self-aware!! In his dragon form, he is clad in golden armour, but when he completes a certain amount of quests, the Golden Armored Dragon can then polymorph into his human form and come out to the field. He is accompanied by Dorothy, a rare character in the game, who calls him by the name ‘Goldy’; the leader of the Golden Dragon attack squad and the pillar of the Crimson Blood clan, Juk Oon Chan; and Zepeto, a girl with the nickname ‘Dumpling Hair’… In the Murim of the virtual reality martial arts game ‘The Legend of New Mirr’, their story begins!

Barbarian Quest

The greatest warrior of the Boulder Axe Tribe, Urich. He accomplished what others in his tribe could not, and went beyond the ‘Sky Mountain Range’. What he saw beyond the mountains was, Different clothing being worn, different languages being spoken, and unfamiliar people in iron-clad armor. “So, the realm past the mountains wasn’t just a spirit world for the dead!” An uncharted world, and the one who faces it, Barbarian Urich is headed towards the civilized world!

I Parted Countlessly From My Beloved Over a Millennium, Now I Shall Become the Wicked Lady

From Gourmet Scans: "Swear... that you will never fall in love with me, no matter what." A thousand years ago, a sad fate separated this pair of lovers. No matter how many times they reincarnated and reconnected, it always ended with his tragic death... And once again they are reincarnated, as a count’s daughter, Amelia, and a marquis’s son, William. "I absolutely will not let him die this time!" Having decided this, Amelia swore that she 'won't love him anymore', and put on an act of being a wicked lady. However, puzzlingly, he is the one trying to get close to Amelia this time, and even sends her a marriage proposal...?!

Konyaku Hakisare-Ka wo Owareta Shoujo no Te wo Tori, Tensai Majutsushi wa Yuuga ni Hizamazuku

A drop-out Iris who can’t use magic in the magician’s family. Her fiancé was robbed by her sister and she was ousted from her house, and she decided to work as her maid at a certain house. Iris, who enjoyed her life as a maid, thought that “it’s happier to live calmly as a maid than to live as a dropout”, and for some reason she liked her master, a transcendental genius magician. I got lost …!?

A Big Shot in the Imperial Palace

"Season 2: Prince Ning's daughter always wanted to find a husband who was ignorant, innocent, delicate, and home-loving. When she got married, she found her husband was totally different from her imagination. This strong man was trusted by the Emperor. He also removed her disguises one after another. Prince Rui always thought his princess consort was a gentle, quiet, frail, graceful, and timid girl until he found he was the delicate and fragile husband in her eyes… After that, he said to Zhao Guangyang who was so powerful and might, ""Honey, playtime is over, let's go home!"" Zhang Guangyang replied, ""…Okay"" Season 1: I am Wei Yiyi. I am a beautiful girl but the Emperor refused to accept me as his concubine because I was too ugly for him. This is totally unacceptable for me. I made up my mind to make him regret it. Hmph, the Emperor refused to accept me as your concubine. I will disguise myself as a male painter to the royal court so that I could make trouble for the Emperor. Is this girl too ugly? Great! She will become a national beauty in my painting. Hmm, His Majesty is in great shape. I will make an album of paintings for him, which will be distributed throughout the nation. In this way, his caricature will have a niche in the temple of fame! "

Higurashi: When They Cry – Oni

Taisho, year 12 (1923). A tragedy in Hinamizawa village changes the fate of a girl and her friends. The turbulent early life of Oryou, head of the Sonozaki family, one of the Three Great Families, who would later be feared and known as Empress Sonozaki. The missing link to the original "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" is now revealed.

It’s Too Hard to Chase the Tsundere Prince

This is a story about a murdered lady, who then time travels and is reborn as the second daughter in a wealthy household. She was often bullied in her own household. After time travelling, she acts all frail and weak in the situations she encounter, while intelligently overcoming crisis after crisis. Even without a royal background, she is slowly but surely climbing to the top!
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