Kishibe Rohan Won’t Move

A series of oneshots which focus on Rohan Kishibe, an eccentric mangaka that appeared in Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable. Kishibe Rohan is a mangaka with the ability to read people's memories – a power he refers to as "Heaven's Door". He seeks out the supernatural to see for himself what his mysterious skills are all about, and to bring more realism into his manga. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #16: At a Confessional Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #02: Mutsukabeza Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #05: Village of Millionaires Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #06: Poaching Reef Extra: Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #04: Mochizuki Family's Moon Viewing Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #07: Monday Sunshower Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #09: D - N - A Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #10: The Run

The Monstrous Gui

Childhood friends Seunghwan, Dohee and Sangmin continue their cherished friendship even when they entered high school. However, they’re friend Sangmin disappeared due to the appearance of grosteque creatures called Goei (Gui)… As they search for their friend Sangmin, they found a few secrets… Will Seunghwan be able to recover his childhood friend?

Killed Again, Mr. Detective

Sakuya Oizuki, a high school student whose father is a legendary detective, As a semi-private detective, he worked as a detective with an excellent beautiful girl assistant Lilithea, Triggered by the "special constitution" that dwells in Sakuya, and a request that came in one day, They get involved in a big incident, and their destinies change dramatically. "Really, a detective is a profession that is not enough no matter how many lives there are." A new era mystery light novel, comicalized opening


South Korean special forces captain ‘Kang San’ and female military officer ‘Kim Bi-yeon’ have a sudden accident during descent training. Immediately after the accident, an unfamiliar world opened up in front of the two of them. A desperate survival story of two men and women unfolding in an unfamiliar world!

Moogan City

The king’s escorts who assassinated the "king". Mujin Shin, the only survivor of the group, thinks that the members who were the only family members must be alive . In Seoul, the city of chaos, Shin Mujin wanders through the city in search of his family from this place that has flowed into the city of his own will.

Hospital Of Hell

From INKR: A group of friends wanders into an abandoned hospital unaware of the horrors awaiting them inside. The hospital harbors terrifying creatures, and the group can only do so much to survive. A horrific suspense story following a group of friends in a fight to survive the Hospital of Hell 地狱医院

Kasei Fu No Bukimi

A housekeeper, Mr. Gofuki, comes to Takujin's house in a fourth grade elementary school.It was decided to spend only five days with his second-year younger sister, who would leave for his parents on the trip.At first, it was a welcoming atmosphere, but gradually Mr. Wakabuki decided an weird rule.The dog in the neighborhood is missing, my sister falls from the stairs, and something strange starts to happen.Takuhito, who is a monster, begins to look for the exact body of Mr. Fubuki."This housekeeper, something funny"source :handycomic

Gachi Koi Nenchakujuu: Net Haishinsha no Kanojo ni naritakute

Kaguya Hinaki is a female college student who is highly regarded by her classmates because of her good looks. She had a secret she couldn't tell anyone, the secret being that she is genuinely in love with Subaru, a member of a certain streamer group.... Hinaki, who really wants to go out with Subaru, receives a DM from a strange account one day, and Hinaki's life changes completely――。

As the Moon Wanes

Trapped in a mysterious forest... "There's a forest that steals shadows?" Hyojoo is on the verge of losing her shadow to a menacing forest and disappearing forever when she meets Muyoung, a mysterious yet beautiful man. In this fairy tale romance, the two race against time as the moon slowly wanes

Coffin Jackson

Ever wondered where dead bodies go in the criminal underworld? That’s where Roman Piotroski comes in. A funeral director by day and cadaver disposal specialist by night, Roman makes a living processing and selling dead bodies for Fisher, a ruthless New Jersey gangster. After a falling out with Fisher, Roman finds himself recruited by a trio of misfit criminals in a hair-brained scheme to rob his old boss. Enter an extremely valuable corpse everyone’s dying to get their hands on, and it’s anyone’s game, with life and death at stake!

Survival Log

Ssamsson, a streamer with 3 million subscribers, starts live streaming in a deserted island with five other streamers. To find catchier material, the group explores the island deeper and deeper and faces an old bunker. With curiosity and fear filling the air, the ATTACK has begun!

The Werewolf Hunter

The Origins of "The Hunter"! The master of the diseased, clean and obsessive blood clan X is a cruel and powerful werewolf servant. Eno Azeril is a wayward and clean blood clan. He signed a master and servant contract with a werewolf on a whim. Ordering him to do things for fun, but I didn’t expect... I ordered, but the situation was a little bit wrong. "Wait! I didn't let you do this! "Master, please rest assured, I will make you satisfied." Dances With Wolves Shou Shou Bu Qin Zhi Yin Lang Ru Shi Shòu Shòu Bù Qīn Zhī Yǐn Láng Rù Shì Zero Hunting to Trap a Wolf Zero Hunting: Inviting a Wolf Into the House Zero Hunting: Leading the Wolf Into the House 危険な関係 狩受不亲之引狼入室

Look-Alike Daughter

"I think my mother is a killer." Gil So-Myeong, who has excellent grades, good manners, and an exemplary child, has lived as a perfect daughter according to the standards her mother demanded. However, on the day that her younger brother rises from the river as a corpse, a terrifying suspicion rises in So-Myeong's mind. A cruel mother-daughter thriller between a mother who tries to get rid of everything that interferes with her child's life and a daughter who tries to escape from her! *Note: You may need to change the settings to "fit width" in order to read pleasantly.

Do You Remember

Amber Everton wakes up one day to discover that his younger brother, Aaron, has completely vanished, along with all of his possessions and everyone else's memory of him. Only Amber and his best friend Wes can remember Aaron, and so they set out to find him, discovering strange magic and dark forces at play in the shadows.
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