Betrayal Will Condemn You to the End

The man woke up and could not remember himself at all. His name, where he was from, and everything else had completely slipped his mind. According to the person who helped him, he was lying alone in the mountains. Dreams of being almost killed, strange flashbacks, and the truth that they ultimately lead to...!

Rental 105

A mysterious boy lives in a small apartment & can see ghosts. He let them take over his body to solve their problems.

Moumoku no Orihime wa Koukyuu de Koutei to no Koi wo Tsumugu

In the young emperor's hands holds a harem of 1,200 beautiful women. Han Renka (Fan Lianxiang) is one of the exclusive seamstresses who have been summoned to the imperial harem to work as a maid. Though blind, she has a natural gift for weaving, differentiating between the sound when two threads meet. Able to discern small noises such as the beat of one's heart or the moment when one tells a lie, Renka gradually unravels the troubling mysteries within the imperial harem. Among these mysteries is the important secret that there in fact exists two emperors who are in control of the imperial harem. In order to maintain this secret, she had thought that she would be killed, but for some reason she is lavished with love instead. Renka had intended to live a quiet life as a seamstress... but it seems that even that won't go just as planned. Author's Note: This work is a Chinese-styled fantasy set in a fictitious era. Though the imperial harem system is referenced from ancient China, the rest of the setting is my own creation. The weaving system is also Chinese, but I have referenced Nishijin brocade.

Return From Death: I Kicked the Bucket and Now I'm Back at Square One With a Boyfriend Who Doesn't Remember Me

Magic school is a lot harder when you're trying not to die! Life seemed perfect for Oriana after she started dating Vincent in the winter of her fifth year at the academy. Little did she know, her beloved would soon die under suspicious circumstances. Before she can process anything, she wakes up to find herself back in her seven-year-old body with no idea how she died. When she finally returns to the magic academy in hopes of reuniting with her boyfriend, she finds out Vincent has no memory of her! Now she’s back at square one. Can Oriana navigate this second chance at life and change the course of Vincent’s fate? Making her crush work out really is a matter of life and death!

Anything for You

Miller has never been the same since his childhood best friend disappeared without a trace. After a year of the case growing cold, a new barista arrives in town bearing a striking resemblance to his missing friend. Now, Miller and his best friend Morgan must choose between moving on or uncovering the aMiller has never been the same since his childhood best friend disappeared without a trace. After a year of the case growing cold, a new barista arrives in town bearing a striking resemblance to his missing friend. Now, Miller and his best friend Morgan must choose between moving on or uncovering the answers they've always wanted.nswers they've always wanted.

Concubine Walkthrough

At first, Yona gave some major side-eye to the popular game "Concubine Walkthrough" until she got sucked into it—literally! Now stuck as the villain, she has her hands full facing the infamously cruel emperor, shaking off scheming concubines, and befriending NPCs. There’s only one way the Game Master will let her out and that’s to become the Empress! Will she be able to stay true to her honest and straightforward self despite the palace’s intrigues? One extra problem: she’s got competition...

Your Forma

"Your forma" is a brain-sewing medical technology that has saved people from an epidemic of viral encephalitis. Now, it has evolved into an information terminal that is indispensable to everyday life. The sewing thread records everything: what is seen, heard, and even emotions. It is the job of thread officer Echika to dive into such records and search for clues to resolve serious cases. Harold, her newly assigned partner, had recently been decommissioned after burning out the brain of a colleague whose cable ability went haywire. He is a humanoid robot known as an "Amics." Harold grows closer to Echika, who hates Amics because of a past trauma. This is a rare buddy-cop story set in the world of cybercrime!

Interview with a Murderer (Queensa)

Jonathan helps his brother interview a serial killer, but little does he know that said killer has a special interest in him...

Secret Lady

I, Yoon Seol-woo, a young woman with the ability to see ghosts, was reincarnated as Rosantine, the eldest daughter of a noble ducal house in a world were witchcraft is considered dangerous. I managed to fake not being able to see ghosts somehow but then... "Leave my sister's body this instant!", I cried out to the evil spirit who's possessed my one and only beloved little sister. Only the death penalty awaits me if my ability were to be discovered. Then, there's only one way... "You're planning to kill Prince Chartus, right?" I will save the Empire's second prince, Prince Chartus with this ability! "I'll bet my life on Your Highness."

Tou no Igaku-roku – Akuma ni Tsukaeta Maid no Ki

They say that it is the devil who lives in the northern tower. In the north of an empire a girl of foreign blood works as a maid in her lord's castle. One day, however, she is ordered to go to the 'Northern Tower' for an unusual task. There she meets the 'Devil' and, due to his whims, ends up serving at his side from then on. The demon's name was Johann Albrecht, the second son of the castle's owner, Count Jäger, who had been imprisoned for his cruelty. He gives the girl the name of the witch 'Hecate' and teaches her the true meaning of his own name, 'The Devil'. Johann the Devil wants to revolutionise the world, and Hecate begins to help him, inspired by him.


One day, junior high school teacher Yamauchi Umi sees a news report about a murder case. The murderer is Suzuki Yumi, a classmate from junior high school. A few days later, Yamauchi's girlfriend, Tamahuri Yagisawa, a rookie editor of literary books, finds a work that closely resembles the murder in a novel that was unsuccessful in a public contest. The author's name is Haruto Saeki. Soon, just like in the novel, an invitation to a class reunion arrives for an old friend... The first suspense horror volume by Masanori Morita!

Kyouka Ayakashi Hichou Kanzenban

This story is based on the life of the famous historical author, Izumi Kyoka, who wrote about the fantastic in the Meiji period. In this manga, Kyoka writes for the Fantasy Club magazine, and he encounters many supernatural, often onmyoudou-related, incidents. Together with his managing editor Kozuki Masumi, other friends and colleagues, and his own mysterious abilities, Kyoka tries to find a way to resolve each mysterious situation

Mad Detective

A mobster, who had no morals to speak of, was reincarnated in a parallel world as a detective in the Major Crimes Department by accident. With the help of a strange system, he solves cases time and again, eventually becoming a brash godly detective.

Tensei Shitara Hime Datta node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa.

Ikuto, an ordinary high school boy, is reincarnated as Isabella, a sheltered princess in a world of magic?! Although he is happy to be able to use magic, Ikuto's ambitions are crushed when he discovers that, in this world, women are not allowed to use magic. Still, Ikuto is not ready to give up, and at the age of 16, he decides to leave the castle and embark on a journey to learn magic...?! A new sensation about a princess disguised as a man (while inwardly a high school boy) and a handsome wizard with special circumstances!

Shepherd House Hotel

In Canada, nestled between a serene lake and the mountains, there is a mysterious hotel run by an elegant man and a cheerful maid. Their guests are the spirits of the dead on their last stop before eternal rest.
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