Revenge Love

"Let's...go back to being just friends." After dating for six months, Sakura was dumped by her childhood friend, Ren. She tries her best to move on, but when she sees her ex-boyfriend on her first day of high school, she realizes that her feelings for him still haven't faded… Maybe there is still a chance for them? After all, she still loves him.

The Legendary Wicked Woman Who Disappeared on the Guillotine Wishes For a Peaceful Second Life as a Boring Bespectacled Studious Girl

“Don’t you think it’s stupid to be crazy in love?” Queen Letizia was executed on the scaffold. For she has done evil things to make her lover turn her infatuated husband. However, she thought she was dead, but for some reason, she goes back in time and her second life begins. “I won’t fall in love in my next life. I’m going to live a peaceful life by becoming a sober student with glasses!” I will be taken. After that, for some reason, Camilo’s raging love affair began…!? I’ll somehow survive with these glasses…!!

Top Boys & Queen Bee & Kitazawa in A-class!!

Masashi Kitazawa, a sophomore in high school, had a trauma. The trauma is that I was fat when I was a child! Kitazawa, who diligently dieted and worked hard in middle school, grew up to be a handsome man and was supposed to lead a peaceful school life, but... In the new semester of high school, handsome men and beautiful girls have gathered in Kitazawa's 2nd year class A for some reason. What's more, he received a secret invitation from Ayame Yagyu, the most beautiful girl in her grade...!?

Go Away Romeo

Rosaline believed that she and Romeo were destined to be lovers, but an unexpected tragedy comes when he dies on the same day as her cousin, Juliet. Rosaline learns she has one last memory of Romeo— a son. However, Rosaline’s loving memory of Romeo is shattered when she learns of his betrayal. With no one left to love and protect but her son, the last thing she wants is for Romeo to return to Verona and take everything she holds dear.

Excellent Property: This Dormitory Is Full of Losers ~Communal Toilets and Angels~

A story about a 70-year-old super cheap apartment named "Damesou" near the coast of a rural village with a communal bathroom, washstand, kitchen, and toilets, and the losers taking residence here!

My Little Sister Is the Best Masturbation Material

My very own little sister caught me masturbating to a little sister Eroge game, then my cool, calm and collected little sister suddenly decided to help me masturbate... She even made my friends masturbate, and somehow got the most beautiful girl in school involved!? Will i be able to get a girlfriend if i can only cum to my little sister!? and also... Why is she still watching me masturbate!?

The Villainess Doesn't Know the Prince's True (Doting) Nature

Another world reincarnation love comedy of Yandere Prince × super insensitive villainess daughter! In a meeting with Prince Dylan, Bertia suddenly recalls her previous life and realizes that she has been reincarnated as the villain’s daughter in an otome game. In order to avoid the bad ending, just as she thought to distance herself from the Prince, she was chosen as his fiancee. "Do not let the prince have a sad childhood!” It's only 5 years until the lonely prince meets the heroine. He is a temporary fiance, but she decides to become a friend and support him until then. But as we get along smoothly, the skinship of the prince gets intense!? i love you so much. Not a heroine, I have been doted on ──!!?

What I’d like to do with that gloomy girl

That gloomy girl is so beautiful! Let's aim for it! A school romance comedy together with that reserved, cute girl as we try to stop being loners!

My Engagement Was Broken Because My Half Sister Is a Holy Woman, but I'm the Fairies' Beloved Child

Margaret Silver, the daughter of the Duke, could see fairies from an early age. But that was a secret between her and her deceased mother. Until one day, she met someone who saw Margaret for who she really was, not as the fairies’ beloved child.

Exchange Student

After Yongcheol's mother suddenly faints on the day of her college entrance exam, her world is turned upside down. She starts working to pay for the hospital bills, but one day after work, a university jacket randomly lands on top of her head. Inside the jacket, she finds the ID card of a student named Chaeyeon Lee. One thing leads to another, and she starts impersonating that student. While things seemed all right initially, the real Chaeyeon finally shows up. How will Yongcheol explain her way out of this, and does this mean the end of school for her?

How About R15?

What should I do to become an adult? Akane Amou, who grew up with her parents forbidding any kind of entertainment, is a little bad with "stimulating" stuff, to the point she can't even watch a kissing scene in a drama. Now that she’s a highschool student, she somehow wants to overcome it! Those are her intentions, but it’s not that easy. Meanwhile, she got acquainted with a movie otaku named Fuyumine. Will she be able to watch an R15 movie…?
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