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Baby, My Love

Kippei Katakura is a 17-year-old playboy who spends his time chasing girls, careless of their feelings. But when his 5-year-old cousin Yuzuyu comes to live with his family after her mother's sudden disappearance, Kippei is put in charge of taking care of her. As Kippei gets to know Yuzuyu and starts to understand how she feels, he also begins to realize that all girls were like Yuzuyu once.

De M Girls and Disappointed Queen, Which Is the Mistress?

Mr. Nakamura of M de M met Kumegawa, a beautiful girl who looks perfect. However, Mr. Kumegawa, who is stupid and bearish regardless of his appearance, was ignited by Mr. Nakamura’s S heart⁉ 《Master- Slave Reversal》 Yuri comedy!

Trinity Seven – Revision

The total number of copies of the series has exceeded 3 million !! The second official spin-off of the popular Mado Gakuen story !! The latest spin-off of "Trinity Seven", where Rize goes back to the past, has started. One of the "Seven", Liserotte Charlock, decides to transfer the cause to space-time. This is the story of "if" that only she knows, which happened in the blank 300 days ....

Awakening an Expert Seeker

Noriji Amagi, a high school student who aims to become a professional explorer in search of his parents who are missing in the dungeon. Noriji, who accompanied him to explore the guild "Chariot" as a part-time job as a backpacker, woke up to an unknown ability by experiencing a spectacular "hell" in the depths of the dungeon ...? A new royal road, modern dungeon fantasy where an unskilled boy awakens to become the strongest and best explorer !!

No More Love With The Girls.

High school boy Eyu had a problem! That is, the two childhood friends (♀) "Shio" and "Akari" who go to the same high school are too cute! I don't feel like that over there, but if I'm the only one looking at the two grown-ups with naughty eyes ... it's too bad! On the other hand, each of the two childhood friends has their own secrets ...!? It's complicated !! But my childhood friend is super best !!! It's a love triangle that is sweet and impatient and can't be obedient ♡

Action Idols

After the suspicious death of her brother, Zena Han decides to continue her training to become a top martial arts student so that she can be accepted into a clan and obtain the coveted title of action idol. She transfers to a new school and soon finds herself barreling down a path where power and truth can be uncovered. Season 1 is complete, but season 2 went on hiatus before any chapters were done. From the author via Google Translate: And before we start Season 2, we will be announcing a web novel (action idol) that includes stories not covered by Eptun.

Ao Ashi Brotherfoot

The protagonist is Shun who lives in Ehime and is a year older than Ashito. Shun was once devoted to football like his brother, but he's now distanced himself from the sport after a setback in the past. That setback was his asthma. Moreover, the first onset of his asthma was when he participated as a trainee for Ehime's J-club Football academy. Through an unexpected reason, Shun will be facing football once more?! It is never too late to try again. This is a comeback story that can give courage to anyone.

Haikyuu!! (Colored Edition)

The whistle blows. The ball is up. A dig. A set. A spike. Volleyball. A sport where two teams face off, separated by a formidable, wall-like net. The "Little Giant," standing at only 170 cm, overcomes the towering net and the wall of blockers. The awe-inspired Shouyou Hinata looks on at the ace's crow-like figure. Determined to reach great heights like the Little Giant, small-statured Hinata finally manages to form a team in his last year of junior high school, and enters his first volleyball tournament. However, his team is utterly defeated in their first game against the powerhouse school Kitagawa Daiichi, led by the genius, but oppressive setter dubbed the "King of the Court," Tobio Kageyama. Hinata enrolls into Karasuno High School seeking to take revenge against Kageyama in an official high school match and to follow in the Little Giant's footsteps—but his plans are ruined when he opens the gymnasium door to find Kageyama as one of his teammates. Now, Hinata must establish himself on the team and work alongside the problematic Kageyama to overcome his shortcomings and to fulfill his dream of making it to the top of the high school volleyball world. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Volume 14:

Outo no Gakuen ni Kyousei Renkou Sareta Saikyou no Dragon Rider wa Chou ga Tsukuhodo Inakamono

Shimuru lives in the mountains with his companion Sorahime, a dragon. However, when he saves the royal platoon from a chimera, his life takes a turn. Having shown prominent strength, he is forcefully led to enroll at an elite academy in the royal capital. Furthermore, due to having been raised in a super backwater environment, Shimuru ends up frequently causing trouble.

Study Group

Gamin Yoon, a 17 year old student, goes to a school known to harbor future criminals. Stuck in a carnivorous environment where only the strongest survive, he struggles to get good grades to enter a 4 year university. But, will he be able to study well enough to enter university, or will he get involved in the unending fights around the school?

Chiaki-Sempai no Iu Toori

Second-year student Anna works on the Culture Festival's Executive Committee together with the school's famous Chiaki-senpai. However, everyday, she's forcibly swung about by a self-confident, flashy, lazy, and ultra-insincere Chiaki-senpai–!?

The Low-Tier Character Tomozaki-kun

"Life is a shitty game. No matter how hard you try, you cannot overcome the characteristics given to you at birth." To Tomozaki Fumiya, who feels he is trash-tier and can never compete with the god-tier humans in the world, this phrase is the truth. His one pride is in his position as Nanashi, Japan's number one player in the video game Atafami. However, one day, when he meets the rank two player face to face, his stance is challenged. Is life actually the greatest game of all?

A Bad Person

Kang Ji Ung is an earnest boy who has spent his youth chasing one thing: his childhood friend and crush, Soo Jin. Ten years ago, Soo Jin said she wanted to marry a loving, kind person in the future, and so Kang worked to become the nicest man in the world. But after a shocking reversal of heart by Soo Jin, Kang abandons his “good guy” image and swears to become the meanest, toughest man around. Follow Kang Ji Ung as he becomes a mafia successor, starts deadly fights, and is reborn as A Bad Person.

Gakuenmono no Otome Game no Sekai ni Tensei Shita kedo, Cheat-mochi no Haikei Danshi Seitodatta You desu

Kenta, a part-time jobber, reincarnated in a world similar to her sister's favorite school otome game, and when she noticed, she became a boy student with a background character. At the reincarnated destination, Kenta works hard to improve the living environment by prospering the bakery at the part-time job opposite the house as Kent of the commoner, but for some reason the number of attractive women is increasing.

The Black Cat and the Witch Classroom

The Witch Apprentice Spica Vargo can not use magic. I need a master to pass the magic school of longing, but I have no money or connection. At that time, a mysterious black cat who uses magic to make full use of human language appeared in front of Spica!! Spica who wants to learn magic and black cat who wants to solve the curse are exactly the same. A secret master-apprentice relationship has been formed! The key to breaking the curse is to kiss "×××"!? Magic School fantasy of Pon Kotsu witch x Black cat teacher, opening!!
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