As a Watchmaker, I Was Kicked Out of the Craftsman's Guild Because My Incompetence Was Deemed Unnecessary, but I Awakened to My True Power in the Depths of the Dungeon

In a world where skills are supreme, Shikuro is given the incompetent skill of "clock-user. One day, Shikuro, who is looked down upon by others, is accused of rape and sent to the frontier, where he is pushed down a hole that leads to a dungeon's deepest level. In the depths of his desperate situation, he thought to himself, "If only I could use my clock-user ability to stop my stomach clock as well. Then the hunger would stop. This triggered the awakening of his skill "clock-user. Eventually, he makes full use of his abilities and is recognized as an SSS-class adventurer--.

Battle Nurse

Marco, a boy who admires healers who support warriors and heals all. In order to make his dream come true, he enrolls in a nursing school, "San Castello," which specializes in training healers. However, when he entered the school, it was a world where females were 90% and males only 10%! And what's more, contrary to the fun school life he hoped for, this school has various courses which will put his own life at risk! What fate will fall upon our plucky protagonist is…!? A little naughty struggle featuring the sweat and tears of a shota aiming to be a Healer!!!!


‘Do Janggon’ is a human weapon and forcer special forces spy against North Korea. When both of his arms got injured he was caught and brought to the ‘Daesan Welfare Center’, that abuses human rights and exploits labor. The doctor said it would take him a month to fully recover. So he has to hold out in the welfare center until his arms are healed.

The Invincible Man

Im Hwapyung. A man who wants to live a normal life like his name. Everything he had in his mundane life was destroyed. [Your love has become my loathing.] You shouldn’t have messed with me in the first place. You should have just let me live a quiet life. And now he has began his move that none of his nemesis will survive his wrath.

Your Forma

"Your forma" is a brain-sewing medical technology that has saved people from an epidemic of viral encephalitis. Now, it has evolved into an information terminal that is indispensable to everyday life. The sewing thread records everything: what is seen, heard, and even emotions. It is the job of thread officer Echika to dive into such records and search for clues to resolve serious cases. Harold, her newly assigned partner, had recently been decommissioned after burning out the brain of a colleague whose cable ability went haywire. He is a humanoid robot known as an "Amics." Harold grows closer to Echika, who hates Amics because of a past trauma. This is a rare buddy-cop story set in the world of cybercrime!

Saint Mellia and the Knight of the Millennial Kingdom

Mellia, a girl who can't use magic, lost her grandmother—her only family member—when she was very young, and was then taken in by an abusive household. As the painful days continued, Mellia, who believed herself to be worthless, had a fateful encounter with Douglas, a knight from the royal capital who reports directly to the princess. Douglas was looking for a "magical material" capable of curing the princess of her illness. The curtain rises on the story of the millennial vow!

Yankee-kun to Kagaku Gohan

Ran, a chemistry teacher, is assigned to give a one-on-one remedial class to Chiaki, a problem child in his homeroom class, in order to avoid his retention. To get Chiaki, who has no interest in science, to take the remedial class, Ran proposes "cooking"...?

Tou no Igaku-roku – Akuma ni Tsukaeta Maid no Ki

They say that it is the devil who lives in the northern tower. In the north of an empire a girl of foreign blood works as a maid in her lord's castle. One day, however, she is ordered to go to the 'Northern Tower' for an unusual task. There she meets the 'Devil' and, due to his whims, ends up serving at his side from then on. The demon's name was Johann Albrecht, the second son of the castle's owner, Count Jäger, who had been imprisoned for his cruelty. He gives the girl the name of the witch 'Hecate' and teaches her the true meaning of his own name, 'The Devil'. Johann the Devil wants to revolutionise the world, and Hecate begins to help him, inspired by him.

Rouninsei to Eroi yatsu

A ronin's life is sent out of control by a mysterious beautiful woman!? A new serialization in Dokodemo Young Champion begins! Tadano Satoshi is in love with his good friend Fujiyoshi Fuyu. They applied to the same university and he's decided that he'll confess to her once they're both college students! However, this is a manga, so you know how this goes: she passes the entrance exam, he doesn't. But he already signed the lease for his off-campus apartment before getting his results back, so it's moving time anyway! There's a surprise waiting for him the first time he opens his closet door, though: an extremely hungover, extremely beautiful, extremely naked woman along with an alarming amount of empty beer cans, snack wrappers, sex toys, and other miscellaneous vices. And it turns out she's lost her wallet, and got amnesia!? Naturally Tadano does what any normal Japanese person would do and drops her off at the police station to get help putting her life back together, and also so he can actually finish unpacking all of his stuff (and clean up that horrendous mess in his closet, yikes). However, this is a manga, so you know how this goes: that wasn't even slightly the last time this ronin and this thot will ever meet.

Kiraware Majo to Karada ga Irekawatta Keredo, Watashi wa Kyou mo Genki ni Kurashiteimasu!

A happy slow life begins with a switch! Marietta, princess of the snow country of Sneu, is trapped in a magic tower because she can't use magic. 8 years later, on her wedding day with the prince of the silver country, she thought she had succeeded in summoning a holy beast, but then... What appeared was...?

Akuyaku Reijou wa, Zenryoku de Oshi ni Kakin shitai!

The moment seven-year-old Lydia meets Douglas "for the first time", she remembers her memories of her previous life. This world was very similar to the game that Lydia's previous life, Madoka Nanami, had played! And Douglas is Madoka's favorite character... Ten years after regaining her memories, Lydia struggles to make her favorite character happy, using the 50 million pendos she has worked and saved!
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