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Time for Boy

Tells the story of an adult photographer, his models, his colleagues and his love life.

The Girl Downstairs

When Joon moves into a new apartment for his first day in college, he was not expecting an ex celebrity, Duna, to be living downstairs, hiding from her past life. Joon finds Duna strange and avoids her at first, but soon finds himself in her room without realizing what he is getting himself into. The Girl Downstairs is a new college romance story from the creator of hit series, Nano List.

Moment of the Wine

The story of a sommelier named Kitamura Shun who has lost faith in the wine world until he meets an old friend who hires him as a sommelier for a restaurant which will soon have its grand opening. The story follows Shun and his fellow co-workers as they work towards the opening of the restaurant. The title of series could have two meanings. Since the main character is named Shun, it could mean Shun’s Wine. Taken literally, it can mean “moment of the wine” or the “wine’s moment”.

Hey, Wanna Go Out With Me? My Childhood Friend, A Beautiful Girl, Asked Me To Be Her Boyfriend, And I’ve Started A Camouflage Boyfriend

The otaku boy Masaichi Manzono and the school's most beautiful girl, Toshiki Kurumi, are childhood friends with a rotten relationship. One day, Masaichi decides to play the role of a boyfriend when asked by Toshiki, who is disgusted by troubles related to romance. Since they have been together for a long time, they thought it would be easy to pretend to be a couple, but their childhood friends with excellent compatibility cannot end up with fake lovers.

Jouou Virgin - Roppongi Night GP Part 2

Also seems to be a tv show based on it called Jyouou (2005) and the second season Jyouou Virgin (2009) Ryo Kurashina’s manga series “Jyouou Virgin ~Roppongi Night GP Part II~” (illustrated by Nao Kurebayashi) is getting a TV drama adaptation Mai Ando is an 18 year old with glamorous looks and a voluptuous figure more advanced than her age. She has gotten the attention of male students since middle school, but has also been bullied by jealous female students. To overcome the trauma of being bullied, Mai decides to enter the Jyouou Grand Prix Second Event. The contestants in the Jyouou Grand Prix compete for a large sum of money as they vie to become the #1 hostess.

Killer Bang: The First Kill

Uigang Bang is an ordinary small business owner who leads an ordinary life… until unordinary things start to unfold in his life. His business partner suddenly disappears, leaving a notorious loan shark chasing after his company. His wife and their child-like dog survive an attempted murder by an impulsive killer only to live in fear of his second attack. Uigang faces the killer to end the matter, but things go south and now he faces two dead bodies instead. Just when he’s debating whether to turn himself in, he receives a life-changing offer -- do you want to become a hitman?

De M Girls and Disappointed Queen, Which Is the Mistress?

Mr. Nakamura of M de M met Kumegawa, a beautiful girl who looks perfect. However, Mr. Kumegawa, who is stupid and bearish regardless of his appearance, was ignited by Mr. Nakamura’s S heart⁉ 《Master- Slave Reversal》 Yuri comedy!

I Can Copy Talents

A brief description of the manhua I Can Copy Talents: The main character is a young guy named Ye Tian who acquired the skill to copy the abilities of others, since then he has radically changed his destiny. He uses his powers to protect his younger sister and try to survive in an apocalyptic world invaded by monsters. To become stronger, he began to explore unknown worlds, and gradually revealed the secret of the invasion of other dimensions. “I will save this world because I have the skill to copy the talents of others.”

Reawakened Man

If there’s one thing Hwan Seok can’t stand, it’s witnessing injustice. But this time, getting involved with a pair of men targeting his next-door neighbor, Yerin, costs him his life. Three days after his murder, Hwan Seok wakes up…. alive! Armed with his newfound ability to be brought back to life after three days, Seok is determined to save Yerin but soon realizes he's gotten himself entangled in a plot bigger and more sinister than he originally imagined...

Meiou-sama ga Tooru no desu yo!

Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by humans and unreasonably deprived of his "life," hopes that he "does not want to die anymore." At that time, he gained the power of "life-sucking" that feeds on the vitality of others. In addition, he will resist the approaching "death" by using the science that he continued to learn on the bed in the previous life and the creative magic that makes the best use of his own dexterity. I met an immortal girl who was despaired by being tossed with life like myself, "--You tried to kill me, you guys are bad." In order to live, we are leaning toward the "stealing side" ...? An anti-heroic fantasy where a ghost who wants to live and a girl who can't die conflict with the world!

Nobunaga Kouteiki – Oda-san Chi no Hachi Otoko desu

When I woke up in the bathroom in the morning, I hit my head with a lightheadedness … When I noticed, it was during the Warring States period !? It’s okay to be reincarnated as the eighth son of Oda Nobuhide, the warlord of Owari Province, and Nobunaga’s younger brother, the beautiful boy, and the prestigious Kirokuro. Almost none. He is not interested in the world or the war, but he wants to secure a comfortable life …! The Sengoku heartwarming slow life story that gained popularity in “Become a Novelist” is here! In the age of fifty years of life, aim for a 100-year-old Ojo!

Dr. Hound

Suryeom is just an ordinary veterinarian… or is he? There’s certainly more to Suryeom than meets the eye. What are his secrets? Where do his powers of perception come from? Who is his alter-ego, the Hound? And who is Argos? Whoever he is, there’s only one man who could catch him, and he calls himself… Dr. Hound.

Flawed Almighty

Do good or go to hell. The conditions of his new curse seem simple enough for once-hopeful hoodlum Jeonji Kim. Or so it seems when his perky guardian angel shows up on his doorstep one day and heals his limp. But will simply going through the motions of helping people be enough to appease a petty god with a grudge?

Partiality for Canning

Unbiased sister eats only ◯◯. Nichiro Inaba, an aspiring gourman manga artist, decides to join the workshop of Aoba Hagoromo, a beautiful writer she admires. However, for a short while, Hagoromo, who should be intelligent and cool to draw the supreme gastronomic manga, was actually the opposite ponkotsu writer !! I don't cook, I don't clean, I only eat ○○ ... Nichiro is in such a hagoromo ...!? A completely new gourmet romantic comedy party with an older sister full of skis and a male college student under one roof !!

Saikyou Kenshi, Sai Teihen Kishi-dan de Funsenchuu ~Orc wo Chinohate made Oitsumete Zettai ni Shimatsu suru dake no Kantan? Na Oshigotodesu~

"Royal Outpatient Dangerous Species Countermeasure Knights" formed to protect the people from dangerous monsters However, it was a super-black workplace just like the Knights. !! !! The vermin oak that appears even if it is defeated-, the salary that does not increase at all-, the colleagues with strong habits-. This is the bottom knights who are ridiculed as "the knights of pig hunting", and it is a story that the strongest swordfighter from the commoner keeps dropping the head of the orc every day.
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