The Person I Loved Asked Me to Die in My Younger Sister's Place

In place of her sister, Wisteria is a former daughter who has become a guardian of a poison-filled otherworld. One day, a man who resembles her first love appears from the sky. His name is Lloyd. To her surprise, he is the son of her first love! As a proof of his marriage proposal to the princess, he has come to ask for Wisteria's partner, Sartis, a holy sword that can understand words. Having survived in a frozen time, she tells him to defeat Lloyd with her own magic and return to her own world... I will take you as my apprentice so that I can defeat you! But, despite his efforts to persuade her, she is forced to stay. The relationship between master and apprentice begins one-sidedly, with the apprentice learning magic as she goes along. Will her time, which has remained frozen, begin to move again? A master-student love fantasy between a lonely former daughter and a genius nobleman!

Oshi ni Gachikoi Shichattara

Momo is an ardent otaku who is in love with the popular idol Yuito Osaki, who has bought 100 CDs and is blissfully happy to talk to him for 30 seconds. One day, however, she is invited to a drinking party where Yuijin also participates. ......?

Kanojo to Kare no Kankei – Heibon na Hayakawa-san to Heibon na Miura-kun no Hibon na Kankei

"I wish I had a girlfriend, I don't even care who—" "Really? Anybody? Even me?" Kaho, who has never had a boyfriend before, wanted to have a male-female relationship. Takumi, who wanted a girlfriend, just happened to be talking about it in front of her....... A heart-throbbing coming-of-age love story!

Cooking Wizard

Yoojung Seo is a hardworking tattooist who loves nothing more than to eat good food while reading her favorite novel during her downtime. One particular day, she is doing exactly that when she suddenly hears a strange voice coming from outside her apartment. She steps out to see what’s going on but loses her footing and falls down a flight of stairs. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a whole new world and in the body of someone completely different. As it turns out, a fairy, who was dimension traveling, was responsible for Yoojung’s accident and revived her as a botanical sorcerer out of guilt. Yoojung adapts quickly and names herself “Sylvia Arbor” to fit in and avoid any suspicion. But soon, “Sylvia” learns that she had in fact been revived in the world of the novel she was reading right before she died; and in this novel, the main character, Felix, suffers from ageusia as a result of years of abuse by his stepmother. Will Sylvia’s love of food and ability to use magic be Felix’s salvation...?

Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki wa Danshiryou de

Shu finds herself transferring to a high school filled with guys despite being bad at dealing with them, and decides to work hard to overcome her problem. But when she hits her limit, the one who saves her from this mindset is a remarkably flashy and cool guy named Shiba, who was initially nothing but cold and rude to her. In reality, Shiba is actually a kind person who tells Shu, “I will protect you.” Somehow, despite their differences, Shiba reminds Shu of her first love.

I Was Expelled from the Black Magician’s Guild and Picked Up as a Royal Court Magician

Noel, a girl who was suddenly fired from the magic tool guild, wallowing in her sadness she meets Luke, a wizard who was a rival at her academy, inviting her to become a Royal Palace Magician. She was assigned to Luke, who named Noel as his sidekick. While there are many people in the royal palace who do not believe in her power, Noel overcomes everything with her talent and efforts, the bond with her friends, and the feeling of "I love magic!" Noel, a commoner who loves magic, and Luke, the next head of a large noble family. Two young geniuses create a whirlwind in the kingdom!

Stella Next to Me

Chiaki and Subaru have been the closest since they were kids. Chiaki has always liked him but as Subaru walks further into the world of entertainment, Chiaki decides the time has come to move past her one-sided feelings and find new love. Does she have enough resolve to meet someone better, or will she find herself shaken by her long-time love? A close, yet distant love story between a normal girl and her actor childhood friend!

Nan Shen Meng Bao Yiguoduan (The Wife Contract And My Daughter’s Nanny)

Zhang Xiao finds herself in an unexpected development as she becomes the babysitter of the daughter of an important CEO. Original Webcomic on Tencent Original Webcomic on U17 Original Webcomic on KuaiKan Manhua

Here We Go Again

Imagine if your grandparents magically became 17 years old again...That they had a second chance to relive their youth and possibly fall in love again, or actually for the first time. It’s the beginning of a fresh start, literally! --------- What happens when a tired old couple is given a second chance to escape their married life and start over? Through a twist of fate and a magical coin, Chastity and Valor are thrust back to their teenage years- to an age before they were wed. Will they take this opportunity to part ways for good or rekindle a love they never had?
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