Miss Angel and Miss Devil

The story of angels who don't behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. A new romance begins!

Empress’s Harem

Super sweet and super-sand sculptured female statue against the harem! I often hear: “Three princes and three princesses! Your puppets are fighting again!“ The overbearing female CEO traversed to the world of female honors and woke up with seven

You Are My Destiny

Prom, a member of K-Pop group Destiny, has a secret. In his past life, he was Prometheus, cursed by Zeus for eternity to fear fire. This curse keeps messing with him-he can't even blow out birthday candles! But one day he meets Sora, a college student, at a fan signing and recognizes her as Pandora! He knows Pandora's box can save him, but she has no clue what he's talking about. With his acting debut as a fireman at stake, will Sora remember who she is and extinguish Prom's fears for good?

A World Ruled by Cats

Nora didn't want to die. All she wanted, was to save a cat from drowning. When she drowned instead, she woke up in another world: Catsrule, a world ruled by cats! These aren't your normal kitties though, they walk on two legs and look like us but we're their pets! It's not all milk and catnip however, soon Nora is captured and adopted by a cute cat boy who hates humans named Caesar. Can Nora return to her normal life or will she spend nine lives as a cat's pet?

Homework for the Heart

My first ever love disappeared 13 years ago… and came back as a vampire. Yi Gyung Jo moves to a new town in hopes of finding a new, quiet life but is quickly thrown into a peculiar situation when she finds out that the said town is inhabited by vampires…

Side Characters Deserve Love Too

Geumja Kim is the biggest (and only) fan of Kyle du Vilteon, a side character in the fantasy novel King Maker. Her never-ending search for Kyle content is forever changed when she dies while rereading the book… and somehow awakens in Kyle’s bedroom to a new life within the novel’s pages! She is then shocked to learn that Kyle can also hear her thoughts—luckily, only if she thinks of his name. Still, there’s no time for this fangirl to daydream because Kyle is doomed to die. Can she save the apple of her eye... and in the process, become his?

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

"You may be my wife but, I won't lay a single finger on you." "Really? Then can I touch you?" "...What?" About 20 years later, the world will be in ruins because of the invasion of the beasts. There's only one way to stop the destruction. To marry the duke who is called a monster, and have his child who will become the hero in the future! Elena who saw a glimpse of the future succeeded in marrying him but... "Are we going to continue to not do anything?" I wanted to get it quickly out of the way, but my husband's impregnable fortress is stronger than I could have imagined! "Take it off! Why aren't you taking it off?! Are your clothes part of your skin?" Will Elena be able to safely give birth to the hero and save the world?

Love Never Fails

A young boy and girl live under one roof and go through the ignorance and troubles of youth. The warmly-influenced ultra-popular girl goes through a mix of confusing feelings as she experiences her youth.

Her Smile So Sweet

Xu Jingshu from the second grade class one was cold and didn't talk much. If she hadn't been punished by the teacher for every math class, she probably wouldn't have had much of a presence in class. The transfer student Chu Youning appeared and he was attracted by her sweet smile. Hence, one afternoon, someone saw the scholar-tyrant Chu Youning teaching Xu Jingshu mathematics in the self-study room upstairs.

The Widowed Empress Needs Her Romance

Our Female Lead was forced to replace her sister's place and become concubine to an elder Emperor. However, on her first night at the palace, the Emperor drops dead from poison, right at her feet! The Emperor's son witnesses this and strikes a deal with her, asking her to claim that his father's last wish was to pass the throne to him, and he will allow her the seat of Empress Dowager! Shocked and confused, our MC enters this deal with the new Emperor, and must find her own way to survive the Palace! Huang Tai Fei Ye Yao Tan Lian Ai Huáng Tài Fēi Yě Yào Tán Liàn'ài The Imperial Concubine Also Wants To Fall in Love The Imperial Concubine Also Wants To Talk About Love 皇太妃也要谈恋爱 황비(皇妃)도 연애가 필요해

Beware Or Be Bitten!

By some sort of fate, exorcist Xiao Yu is forced to "cohabitate" with the succubus named Obsidian, who killed her adoptive father. Yet she discovers that the succubus seems to have lost her memories! Unaccepting of this fact, Xiao Yu decides to spy on Obsidian's every move, yet the latter doesn't seem bothered by the least. Instead, she starts to thirst after Xiao Yu openly and often teases her body to satiate her own hunger...Although they seem to have a love-hate relationship, they both know that something is stirring beneath the depths. Why her adoptive father was killed, why Obsidian's memory was sealed away, and... 内有恶犬请小心 ; Warning! Beware of the Dog ; Beware of the Vicious Dog Inside! Beware of the Vicious Dog Inside! manhua

Find an Idol

A work depicting the life and love of a female junior college student, Chikako Fujitani, who decided to live in a shared apartment called "Seiwaso"

Can't Hold

On the kind Qin Qing's first day of transfer, she accidentally got involved in the middle of someone picking a fight. Qin Qing used a strategy to save her senior who's been ganged upon, not knowing that he's Wen Yufeng, the infamous school bully! From that moment forward, Qin Qing's peaceful high school life was gone forever…

The Huntress and Her Love Prey

Aria, a wild huntress who spent her entire life in the forest, encounters a handsome stranger in her cabin. Who is this intruder and where did he come from? What began as curiosity turns into attention, friendship, and more. Gradually learning the true identity of this stranger, she enters a whole new world she never knew existed. Aria is already the best huntress in town, but will she able to capture the heart of her new prey? What adventures await in this new world of hers?

I Control the Prince’s Heart After a Rotten Exhibition

When the foolish but cute glutton Hua Manman transmigrated into a novel becoming a villainess, she was supposed to refuse the king’s hand in marriage to wash away his misfortune and then enter the Imperial Palace to become one of the Emperor’s concubines. She didn’t expect the king to read minds, and he even took her in as his concubine?! 摆烂后我掌控王爷芳心 / I Control the Prince's Heart After a Rotten Exhibition / The King's Heart is Mine (official)

Did the Goddess Survive Today?

Did the Goddess Survive Today? Shénnǚ Jīntiān Huó Xiàláile Ma 神女今天活下来了吗
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