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I Built A Lifespan Club

A brief description of the manhua I Built A Lifespan Club: Chen Li works at Mo city, he works there every day with no hope to be seen for the future… until one night. Chen Li obtains a special ability, an ability to buy “Time” and “Lifespan” from people, sell “Time” and “Lifespan” and also let things speed up “Time leap” and slow down “exhaustion time”. So he begins to build a top-class “Lifespan club”!

A DeadbEAT's Meal

What’s better than a good meal? My name’s Jaeho and I love food. While some may call me a deadbEAT because I don’t have a job at the moment, I’m just your normal happy guy who loves eating and my girlfriend of 7 years. That is until I got a breakup text yesterday. Where did things go wrong? I keep trying to look back through the years, but I just can't figure it out... The story of a jobless (deadbeat) JaeHo who still eats well with his three meals after breaking up.


Gaming geek Suhyeon Kim hates school, and the dislike is mutual. Every day he faces relentless bullying from his classmates, leading him to wish his life was more like the RPG quest games he plays. Suhyeon’s wish is granted when a quest prompt pops up in real life with an easy quest and an enticing reward. With nothing to lose he takes the chance, and one quest soon leads to another. As the stakes get higher and the rewards get bigger, Suhyeon soon finds he’s gone from being an ostracized nobody to the top of the school. Just how far will Suhyeon take his quests, and how far will he fall if he refuses to participate?

The Final Raid Boss

Daejang Gong, aka Raid Leader, used to be rank one in the world’s first VR RPG game Rou Online, but now he’s trapped in a game called Astrom as an NPC due to the evil scheming of an AI! Now, Daejang must find a way to escape this sick metaverse, but will he be able to outsmart artificial intelligence?

Eternal Reverence

[Summary by OSTNT] It has been a year since Li Fu Chen lost his “Talent”. Now he lives the life of a trash, being bullied and beaten by those who once was inferior to him. However, he still has not lost everything as he’s still engaged to a strong and pretty girl of a powerful family, but that came to an end as the engagement was abruptly cancelled. With shame brought to the family and his life engulfed by darkness, a ray of hope pierced the the sky. Yong Heng Zhi Manhua / Yong Heng Zhi ,Eternal Reverence ; 永恒至尊

Dukedom's Legendary Prodigy

Summoned into another world, Han Sung worked his entire life as the empire’s SSS-class monster hunter. After countless struggles, he lost his life and came back as the first-born son of the Jackson Duchy, ‘Dale’. He was the continent’s greatest dark magician and the leader of the dark tower, The Black Duke’s son. ‘I will destroy the empire with my own hands.’ Swords, magic, and the art of strategy. With his previous life’s knowledge and intelligence as his background, Dale is reborn as the genius of the duchy. Just how far will his abilities go? His adventure starts now without an inkling of hesitation!

It All Starts With Playing Game Seriously

One born as an ant out to have will and ambition. Fate has not yet been determined; each of us is a black horse. When the game [Yuan World] descended into reality, players gained the ability of their in-game characters. As such, the world became chaos. Liu Yi — forbearing, ambitious, yet afraid of fighting— time travels to an era before the game had become reality. Armed with the knowledge of the future, starting from the bottom to overcome his fear of fighting, Liu Yi rises up to the top, ultimately becoming the Savior and resolving the crisis of the apocalypse.

I Was Acknowledged as a Useless Good-for-Nothing so I Moved to the Empire to Get Ahead in Life

Oscar Lutz, who worked for the Kingdom’s Magic Bureau, surpassed his patience in a black work environment and resigned after resigning. When the empire heard the story, he was advised that he would get a fair evaluation in the empire, so he decided to move to another country and seek a job …! !! !! ?? Lutz’s skill, which was not recognized in the Black workplace, fascinates the people of the empire! How far will this man get ahead? !! ??

Infinite Leveling: Murim

Killed on the battlefield without glory to his name, Yuseong Dan receives an opportunity to grow stronger with a strange quest and level system. But each quest he’s forced to fight only seems to be getting harder and harder. Can he level up enough to avoid the same miserable ending and become the powerful hero he wishes to be?

X & Ash

X, a genius thief, and Ash, a boy with a mysterious past, decide to join the Azure Knights after a chance encounter with Ryu, the prime swordmaster. The entry exam for the Azure Knights is where the best of the best come to show exceptional skills. X and Ash must prove their might and win against the elite aristocrats! Will they be able to become knights? And what cruel destiny will they face afterwards…?

Overbearing Tyrant

In the year 202X, the Otherworlders invaded Earth. The otherworlders have more sophisticated technology and hunted down humans with combat robots and viral weapons, and the remaining humans battled on for 10 years just to survive. The main character, ‘Park Sung Hyun’, was the leader of the troops in Incheon, Bupyeong. Prior to the invasion of the Otherworlders, he used to be a part-timer at a convenience store like an ordinary person, but he became a strong warrior in the process of losing his family and battling to avenge them. In the midst of the attack against the Otherworlders’ headquarters, Park Hyun Sung got trapped in a warp portal with the leader. When he woke up, he found himself in a fantasy world that reminded him of the medieval times in Europe, and his soul was trapped inside a weak blonde 15-year-old pretty boy’s body. Hyun Sung was surprised by the unfamiliar surroundings and his weak body and found out that he is occupying the body of Ian Albarren, and that his father is the lord of a land who owes a large debt to the great lord and faces a difficult time ruling over his land. Park Hyun Sung, who had been fighting against combat robots and viral weaponry from the Otherworlders who had advanced scientific technology, decides to get used to this fantasy world to fight against monsters with armor and swords.

I’m The Great Immortal

A brief description of the manhua I’m The Great Immortal: In his past life, he was an incomparable genius in the world of the immortals. But he was killed by three celestial beings. By chance and thanks to the Book of Heaven, he was born into a 20-year-old himself. All he wants now is to become immortal again and return to the world of immortals, for this he became the strongest man on earth, turning his hands into thunderclouds, fighting anyone who challenges him! For he is the venerable Taixuan Taizun – the Great Immortal!

Tsuihou Sareta Tensei Koushaku wa, Henkyou de Nonbiri to Hata wo Tagayashitakatta ~Kuru nato Iunoni Ryoumin ga Takusan Kurukara Naisei Musou wo Suru koto ni~

Former Japanese Joshua who reincarnated in another world while having memories of the previous life and developed the country as a duke. One day, a coup d'etat banished him to a remote area ... "I'm free!" Fortunately, I was delighted to be able to lead a comfortable and comfortable life! However, the situation is in an unexpected direction due to the influx of Joshua-loving lords ...!? An exciting story of domestic affairs, opening!

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Colored Edition)

In 1999, a meteorite crashed into Antarctica. The impact melted the continental ice mass and drastically raised sea levels, damaging the world's climate and causing the deaths of over half its population. Now in 2015, devastating creatures of unknown origin—referred to as "Angels"—ravage what remains of the planet. In the heavily fortified city of Tokyo-3, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari is destined to halt the Angels' onslaught. Recruited by his father's secret organization NERV, Shinji is enlisted as a pilot of an Evangelion, a massive bioorganic android created solely to defeat the Angels. Suddenly with the weight of the world upon his shoulders, Shinji must find the courage and drive to stand up for the future—and himself. But as skirmishes between the Evangelions and Angels become recurrent, the horrifying truth of the world is slowly revealed. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Machine Uprising

Yeong-gi Han, a high school goalkeeper promising to lose his arm in a car accident, participates in a clinical trial of SC Bio and receives a medical transplant. Then one day the virus called "mechanism" spreads in the world, and unknown beings begin to chase the spirit. In a moment of crisis, a mysterious woman saves him and eternally tells her the truth of all these moments...

Super Smartphone

What would you do if you had a smartphone that let you look up anything? Secret documents, security camera footage, a certain person's text messages, where people dropped money... This smartphone lets you do the impossible! Jump's newest suspense thriller begins!
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