Former King

[Translated by Mosh Scans] After badmouthing the Gods, He Muyan was thrown into the system to be reborn infinitely. He was reincarnated as an elf in his seventh rebirth, when he realized the reality and planned to head in a bad direction before seeing a face he could never forget, his ex-boyfriend, Jin Yuanchen. How could he be here, and why had become a bandit, and kidnapped He Muyan to be Mrs. Yanzhai (Husband)? Bad show x Cynical evil 前任为王

Right and Wrong

Truth or Lie: This is a story about a former idol who's always fooling around with the boss of a company who never properly goes to work. Truth or Lie (ranana) Right and Wrong Shifei Shìfēi 是非

Pheromone Impossible

Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan, both presenting in the middle of a gang fight, are carried to the hospital one after the other. One becomes an omega, and one becomes an alpha. Probably because the two were in the middle of an intense brawl at the time of presenting, their pheromone compatibility is an historically unprecedented 0%. Other than sometimes fighting and getting on bad terms every time they meet, these two people put together are definitely safe — to the point that when there are not enough hotel rooms on a school trip, teachers put them in the same room. Teachers: Anyone has the potential to date in high school, but these two definitely have no chance! The principal catches an alpha and an omega walking on the side path in the evening, supposedly dating — Students: There is no way, those two are definitely innocent! Everyone, including Luo Zhiyu himself, thinks that there is no way between them. And then one day, Luo Zhiyu gets permanently marked by Xiao Yan. Luo Zhiyu: ? No, the pheromones say we are not compatible, we must believe in science. Xiao Yan pulls out the new compatibility report, dropping it in front of Luo Zhiyu: Enough nonsense, go steal your hukou identification so we can get married. As Luo Zhiyu attends his high school’s first year military training, under the scorching sun, second-year Xiao Yan sits in front of their squad drinking iced water and eating watermelon. Luo Zhiyu picks up a stick and swings it at Xiao Yan for two whole blocks. As Xiao Yan attends his university’s first year military training, under the scorching sun, high school third-year Luo Zhiyu sits in front of their squad drinking iced water and eating watermelon. Xiao Yan brings the person into his arms, kissing him against a wall. The Pheromones Say we Have No Chance / Tin Tức Tố Nói Chúng Ta Không Có Khả Năng / 信息素说我们不可能 / XXS Pheromone in Possible Pheromone Say Otherwise Pheromone Say We Can’t Pheromone Says That We Are Impossible Tin Tức Tố Nói Chúng Ta Không Có Khả Năng Xin Xi Su Shuo Wo Men Bu Ke Neng Xinxi Su Shuo Women Bu Keneng Xìn Xī Sù Shuō Wǒ Men Bù Kě Néng 信息素说我们不可能

Prime Minister in Disguise

A talented man entered the palace to win the favor of the emperor for his younger sister. How could he do that under the cover of a woman in the cruel and complex harem? And what story would he have with the Emperor and the Prime Minister? Not only does he have to fight for the position, but also fall in love for his sister. Will he achieve his goal? What will happen after the Emperor find out the truth?

Our Paradise

So you’ve decided to forget about your high-school crush after graduation, going on to college without ever telling them how you felt. That’s the plan for quiet college freshman Maehwa Yang. But even the best laid plans can go astray, as Maehwa discovers when he learns that his crush, Jaewon Myeong, goes to the same college! As their lives begin to intertwine through the hustle and bustle of college life, old feelings get stirred up and new feelings start to emerge.

Bump Up Business

Five-year trainee Eden is finally given the option to debut as an idol as part of a duo with Jihoon, a veteran of the industry who has lost the spotlight due to past scandals. The two are expected to do a "business gay performance", providing skinship and fanservice in order to gain popularity. While Eden is unsure but agrees in order to pursue his dreams, Jihoon keeps teasing him. The appearance of top stars Hyunbin and Jay also complicates things...

He’s Been Searched By the God

The straight male actor who can't bend X wave to the flying eighteen-line small transparent life is the first hot search in his life, but it was rubbed up by the male god? Unrequited love for eight years, I thought I would die alone, I didn't expect my celebrity to turned back, and to have in-depth exchanges with me??! "Are you on a foster relationship?" "Sorry, we are legal husbands." Hot Search Again Because of the Male God. Hottest Topics. I Got Teased By Mr. Wonderful On Hot Search Again. I’ve Gone Viral Thanks to My Crush. M. Mcdreamy fait de moi à nouveau une recherche populaire. Mr. Mcdreamy Makes Me a Trending Topic Again. Nam Thần Thả Thính Lên Hotsearch. Sr. Mcdreamy Me Fez Ser um Tema de Tendência Novamente. Viral Karena Gebetanku. You Bei Nanshen Liao Shang Resou. ที่รักทำให้ฉันขึ้นเทรนด์อีกแล้ว. 又被男神撩上热搜. 推しを拒んだらトレンド入りしました. 꿰인 사이.

Listen to You

While at the get-together party, Chen Jiahong recalled getting acquainted with his close friend, Qin Wenrui. Due to his grades being in the last rank and having to repeat the same grade again, it was arranged that Chen Jiahong be seatmates with the class committee member Qin Wenrui. The two became familiar with each other as they spent their days together. "A life under the pressure of both specialized and literacy classes is very tiring, but, thankfully I'm not alone." There Are You for Hearing News Wén Fēng Yǒu Nǐ 闻风有你

The Abandoned Wife’s Rebirth

[Translated by Mosh Scans] Wu Ruo couldn't see the true colors of the people around him until the day he died. The family of the friends who he treasured had been using him, and the husband who he neglected was the one who rescued him in the last moments. God's mercy allowed him to be reborn, reborn into his most useless, most hateful, and fattest times. At this period of his life, not only was he a waste unable to cultivate, but as a man, had to relive being married off to another man. But he found that this man... was actually pretty good to him. This time, he will have revenge on those who wronged him, and pay off his debts to those who were kind to him. The Abandoned Wife's Rebirth / 废妻重生 Abandoned Wife Reborn Abandoned Wife's Pain Fèi Qī Chóng Shēng The Abandoned Wife Rebirth 废妻重生

Necromancer Survival

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung’s mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked into a mysterious area of the dungeon where he encounters a frightening corpse. “Ding!” A quest window pops up, and it says… “You have made a pact with Seo Dawon, a vengeful spirit.” When tackling quests, it doesn’t hurt to have a companion or two, especially if one of them is the spirit of an ultra powerful and handsome young man. After all, “it’s dangerous to go alone”!

Beyond Memory

Won Jun can read people's feelings if touching them. Ku Han, a colleague in the same program, tries to ignore Won Jun, which makes him suspicious. Won Jun try to read the feeling, but fails. What will happen between those two?

There's Something Wrong with the Governor

An unfavoured concubine-born son of the Xie Residence was made, due to unknown reasons, into the Governor of Dong Chang, below only one and above thousands! The world only knows Chen Jue as a savage and ruthless man, however they do not know of the only white moonlight in his heart, the Qie Lan assassin Xia Hou Lian, who has been wanted in Dong Chang for many years! Once were childhood friends, but why do they now point their blades at each other? A Yandere Immortal Governor and a loyal ruffian assassin invites you to enjoy a bloody date! Note: A White Moonlight is someone always in your heart but cannot have by your side.

Heart Stain

"Let's date until we graduate." Woohyun has a secret crush on his homeroom teacher. His best friend, Doha, finds out and confesses his feelings for him. But then he makes an interesting proposition: "Go out with me. Fall for me before graduation, and I win. If you don't, you win." Can Woohyun like someone other than his teacher?

Starts From Baby

Kim Jun, an adult man who strongly dislikes kids, is contacted by his unrequited love, Min Ji-Hwan Ji-Hwan asks him to move in together to raise his baby nephew, and Jun accepts to stay close to him Jun has to adapt to his new role as a parent and overcome his past trauma to win Ji-Wan's love

Don’t Ignore Me

In a certain city there are such two school tyrants: One: not sociable, no early love, addicted to studying and progressively more withdrawn. The other: My partner must be dedicated, adorable and obedient. A certain day, these two school tyrants met. Jiang Yao: This brat, don’t know what’s good for you. Jiang Yao: This brat is actually quite cute. Jiang Yao: Brat... Yin Che: Get lost. Sunshine Big Bad Wolf vs Lonely Little Bunny Jiang Yao X Yin Che Don't Ignore Me Lǐ Wǒ Yī Xià Paying Attention to Me All at Once 理我一下

From the Serpent’s Eyes

The snake spirit Yi Mo and a scholar Shen Qingxuan met each other over a cup of tea. After Shen finally left with regret, Yi Mo realized that he counldn't live without him, so he pursued Shen in his next lifetime… Can a mortal and a snake spirit fall into a romantic relationship? 遇蛇 / 蛇遇伝 / 뱀을 만나다 / Aux côtés de l’esprit serpent / Seek For Three Lifetimes
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