The Saintess Wants Overtime Pay: I Don't Want the Prince, I Want Money

Cocoa Spice, a kind-hearted Saintess with fragile beauty and powerful holy magic ......This is only a front. The true nature of the saintly woman is that she is a very careful person who is working hard to save money for her retirement. She was originally a street child, and she was determined to make a living on her own, without relying on others. That pride has carried on now that she has become the Saintess. The prestige of the Pope? A love call from a prince? The clutches of a gangster? Whatever the obstacle, if I don't like it, I will strike in every possible way!

Search and Discovery with my Isekai Elf

One day home from work, the exhausted salaryman Amano's bath time is interrupted by an elf suddenly emerging from the tub! This clumsy but kind of brilliant otherworldly elf comes to the human world to take it easy and enjoy reading some manga.

Excellent Property: This Dormitory Is Full of Losers ~Communal Toilets and Angels~

A story about a 70-year-old super cheap apartment named "Damesou" near the coast of a rural village with a communal bathroom, washstand, kitchen, and toilets, and the losers taking residence here!

Last Gender: When We Are Nameless

This is a partner-swapping sex club "BAR California" where people of different genders, propensities and sexual orientations gather to find a certain "something." There are as many sexualities as there are people. A collection of stories about sex and love.

Amid the Changing Seasons

As the seasons pass, we meet, we part, and we find love in all sorts of places... This love story began in a cafe. Have you ever run into someone you know at an unexpected place? Maybe it’s your friend or a friend of a friend? Our lives intertwine and connect as we live our stories filled with love and pain. Imagine yourself in a cafe enjoying a meal or sipping a cup of coffee and getting lost in your thoughts. Look around -- who is sitting next to you?

God Is Telling Me to Fall in Love

Chiyoko, in her second year of high school, transfers to a co-ed school due to her dad's job transfer. Since she's only attended an all-girls school since junior high, she excitedly plans to fall in love in her new school. Out of the blue, she begins to see the love meters of 5 hotties and an options window as if she were in an otome game?! She encounters various types such as a glasses boy, a playboy underclassman, and a mysterious senior. Meet-cutes with boys come one after another. This is the beginning of a real otome game school life!

A Manga About a Demon Lord Who Wants to Be Defeated by the Hero Quickly

The demon lord who has come to the mortal realm, accompanied by her followers has a secret that no one can know — She has to be defeated by the hero. Will she be able to lose to the hero safely?

Haisha San Attattemasu!

A human drama between a villany-faced yakuza and a dominant dentist! Give it a read and maybe your "wall" will be broken down...?!Official Manga: Shonen Jump PlusOfficial

Four People and Their Respective Lies

Every girl has their own little secret ♡ Rikka, Chiyo, Sekine, and Tsubasa are four good friends in the same class. But it seems that each one of them has a ridiculous secret...!?

Somehow, I started Living with a NEET Kunoich

Otaku Kunoichi ≒ Otaku NEET ≒ Girl with Zero Romantic Experience! A normal salaryman, Tsukasa, is attacked by a Youma and is gallantly saved by the appearance of the genius kunoichi, Shizuri. However, when she is not working, she becomes an otaku NEET... Today, Tsukasa's househusband skills will continue to spoil Shizuri. A prescription delivered directly to you♪

My Sister, The Cat

The daily life of a young man, whose little sister is a cat.
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