Rental 105

A mysterious boy lives in a small apartment & can see ghosts. He let them take over his body to solve their problems.

Nue's Exorcist

Yajima has been able to see spirits since he was small. At his new school is a room that nobody else can see. And inside is a spirit who loves playing video games. A new modern exorcist saga now begins!

The Case In Which Streaming In Another World Led To The Creation Of A Massive Yandere Following

Living in Ataraxia, a world of swords and magic, a reincarnated individual decided to make a living out of streaming. Living in a world where such a thing did not exist despite the many forms of entertainment, he quickly made a name for himself. This is not the tale of just a streamer… but of a boy who becomes a legend as a haishinsha. (Source: Novelupdates)

Vampire Syndrome

A conspiracy led by a selected few, freed from the hands of death after being infected by the vampire syndrome. After successfully establishing their world secretly, they became the most powerful entities by having control not only of the police but also of politics and the media. People who knew of their existence called them “The Afters”. Meanwhile, Taesu Dan, who had lost everything due to them, forms a strong team for his revenge. Having established his team, Taesu heads to “Red table”, a prison camp for bloodbags, to rescue Dam Yi, the bloodbag with the best blood on Earth. How will Taesu Dan carry out his revenge? And will he and his friends succeed?

Superstar From Age 0

From elves, fairies, slimes, gift items, devils and more, countless and thousands of reincarnations have led to a new life. I, Lee Seo Jun, have been reborn as a human child! In the library of my life, where memories of my previous lives remain like fairy tales, I happen to see a past life with the dream life I desperately wanted. On top of that, I’ve been given abilities that grabs people’s attention! With my hansome face doing all the hard work! My insane acting skills! This time, at long last, I will achieve my dream and become a superstar! Wet’s dow it! (Baby Accent)

Kamisama no Gakkou

Shohei, a high school student, went to visit a shrine with his grandparents as usual. At the shrine, there was a mysterious child who was never there... After returning home, Shohei witnesses his grandfather talking to the child in his room. Surprised, Shohei is told by his grandfather that this child is the god of the shrine he always visits, and that he is the one who serves this god! Furthermore, he says that he will hand over that role to Shohei...

Mythological Judgement

The gods from mythology, are they as good as dead to rights in the face of a modern day court system? Not exactly, especially when they have this lawyer to sort something out. The king of the underworld, Hades, the Allfather, Zeus...a whole crazed assortment of gods who go to our protagonistic lawyer for his capable skill of saving them with the power of the law. A cluster storm of courtroom comedy now enters the fray!

Gangho Apocalypse

Shigure has appeared in Kangho! And destroyed Kangho! This is the story of the people who survived the disaster. Cheongsu, a disciple of the Volcano sect, who had been hiding his abilities. For some reason, he was sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in the mountains. Three years later... When Cheongsu leaves the confession hall, he sees Kang Ho, who has been erased. To find his missing siblings, who might still be alive somewhere. He wanders through the ruins of Kangho.

Secret Lady

I, Yoon Seol-woo, a young woman with the ability to see ghosts, was reincarnated as Rosantine, the eldest daughter of a noble ducal house in a world were witchcraft is considered dangerous. I managed to fake not being able to see ghosts somehow but then... "Leave my sister's body this instant!", I cried out to the evil spirit who's possessed my one and only beloved little sister. Only the death penalty awaits me if my ability were to be discovered. Then, there's only one way... "You're planning to kill Prince Chartus, right?" I will save the Empire's second prince, Prince Chartus with this ability! "I'll bet my life on Your Highness."

Red Storm

A mysterious man suddenly appears in the desert separating the East and West Continents. A young boy, Yulian Provoke from the Pareia tribe finds this man, and brings him to his village. Turns out the man is an incredibly strong and amazing individual, and he begins to teach the young boy fighting skills.

The Spooky Love Tale of Gongchan Seol

This is a mysterious romance between horror novelist Seol Gongchan and his downstairs' neighbor. Ghosts aren't real... right? Gongchan has a wild imagination as a horror-novel author with a knack for turning his mundane life into a harrowing ghost story. These spooks live only in his head... that is until he meets Youngmin, a man haunted by the supernatural specters in Gongchan’s novel! With everything around him suddenly turning into an eerie mess, is Gongchan's growing love for Youngmin the reason why his heart is racing? Or is it the bloody ghost behind him?

Nemu-chan Won't Let Me Sleep!

The succubus' target was a second grader!? So begins a seductive comedy with a clumsy succubus and a mature grade schooler!

Shepherd House Hotel

In Canada, nestled between a serene lake and the mountains, there is a mysterious hotel run by an elegant man and a cheerful maid. Their guests are the spirits of the dead on their last stop before eternal rest.

I See You, Aizawa-san!

Michi, plagued forever by her ability to see ghosts, pretends like she can't in order to avoid them at all costs. But recently she found a ghost she just can't ignore: Aizawa Honami, ex-classmate and ex-member of the famous idol group De:LPhinus, hanging around school from some lingering attachment. Still, no matter what ghost it is, Michi's not getting involved. Though while she steels her heart, her eyes keep coming back to Honami's bizarre antics and passionate fanservice...(?)

Collector of Creepiness

Despite transmigrating to a strange world filled with formidable anomalies, Li Fan became a trainee under the Anomaly Response and Management Association. On his first day at work, he suddenly discovered that he was the world’s second antagonist — The Collector. “Can’t I just fool around until I retire?” “Mr. Collector, we all support you becoming the president, so you must be mistaken, right?”
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