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You choose the next Original! Every Friday a new series will be released. If the third episode of any series receives 60,000 likes by the following Thursday at 5 pm PDT then it will be greenlit and will become a full-length Original series.

Et Cetera

"A little chinese girl named Mingchao dreams of becoming a Hollywood star in an alternate version of the wild west. To do so, she leaves her home, protected only by the priest Baskerville who she meets along the way, and her Eto gun, a weapon the requires the essence of zodiac animals to shoot unstoppable animal bullets." (Source: ANN)

The Blue Library

Desperate to get her hands on a gown she saw on her way home from school, Hina jumps into "Aoiro Toshokan" for a part-time work. There, she ends up working under the Library Director who is also an author known as Shimokomoriya. Thus begins Hinas's boring days with the handful Sensei. Also included is a one-shot titled "2-nen H-gumi Gakkou no Susume".

Alice Quartet Obbligato

There is a shop where four young designers works in. The shop's name is Alice Quartet. This is the name they thought together. As designers, they design and sewn their own dresses. As models, they wear it. Awaiting for girls who will come, and present them with dreams and memories.

Shaolin Sisters: Reborn

When Julin Misumi has a recurring dream about an age ruled by martial arts, strange things start happening. She is attacked by a mysterious bird woman, saved by a masked man and given a bell by a little bird. Now she must team up with an enigmatic man named Hitoshi Ninno, who has given her the title of Toku-Lin - and the mission of saving the world. (Source: Tokyopop)

Angel Profile

Long ago, the kingdom of Astrea was threatened by a powerful, evil dragon. With two legendary swords in hand, the traveling knight Julius defeated the dragon and saved the country. It is said the hero lived happily ever after with the queen. However, the writer Elliot knows that isn't the truth. With its last strength, the dragon cursed the hero Julius, causing him to forget all his previous knowledge, experience, and memories. Following the dragon's defeat, Elliot discovered a lone, small form left on the battlefield. His adored hero had been reduced to a helpless child. Elliot swears to restore Julius to his former glory and tell his tale. (Source: shinkeikaku)

Bar Lemon Heart

The story centers on the titular bar, its bartender, and the two regular customers who drop by the bar. Every story focuses on a different character who will come to the bar to share his or her problems while drinking. Each story is a stand-alone story. (Source: ANN)


A story about a group of students vying to create an anime of their own. (Source: MU)

When the Black Moon Rises

Ju Sehwa lived a blessed life as a daughter of the mystic realm's most powerful clan, until she was framed for treason and executed by those she trusted most. But when the power of a divine wish grants her a second chance, she knows that she must use it to save her family and take down the corrupt clan leaders. With the handsome head of the rival Baek clan as her unlikely ally, Sehwa is set on revenge, but with those closest to her still plotting against her, is history doomed to repeat itself?
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