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Hotaru no Yomeiri

A romance story set in the Meiji era. Born into a prestigious family and blessed with good looks, Satoko is said to have a short life expectancy. But suddenly, her life is targeted by a mysterious killer...!? In order to survive on the spot, Satoko makes a "proposal" for the killer...!? - A young lady and an assassin... A contract marriage love suspense between two people who should never meet!

I Want to Do Bad Things with You

Mamori Wataya is a tall but dark, plain, and shady high school girl. One day she meets Kanashi Fuji, who has a small, thin body and an evil-looking smile. A supporting character that no one can find and a villain that no one likes. This encounter turns their gray days blue.

Akutou Ikka no Mana Musume, Tensei Saki mo Otome Game no Gokudou Reijou deshita. Saijoukyuu Rank no Akuyaku-sama, Sono Dekiai wa Fuyou desu!

A girl who grew up as the granddaughter of a gangster family was reincarnated in a otome game, where the early modern mafia makes a secret move. She was the beloved daughter of the five major families that support the monarchy from behind the scenes! A dangerous love game between a former gangster's granddaughter and a villainous fiancé begins!

I Became A Legend A Decade Later After Telling My Comrades To Leave Everything To Me And Retreat First

The sorcerer Luck believes this to be the end. Besieged by powerful demons, he makes the noble sacrifice of holding back their onslaught while his friends escape. Never sleeping or resting, Luck endures the clash of swords, rain of blood, and never-ending stream of enemies. Against all odds, he vanquishes the commander and emerges victorious, only to find that 10 whole years have passed in the meantime. Furthermore, his body has regressed in age to the point where he looks like a mere teenager. Following his triumph, Luck soon reunites with his friends, the hero Erik and warrior Golan Morton. As they believed Luck to be dead, the pair made sure he went down in history as a hero and prepared to quell the rise of the demons themselves, unaware of Luck's feat. With all this in mind, Luck just wants a laid-back life, so he applies as a novice adventurer under the name Lock and sets out on a journey alongside brand new companions. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Tokyo Duel

The "Tokyo Loop Line Duels" were a system established to assist the reconstruction and development of post-WWII Japan. They were a battle for the main artery of Tokyo, the Yamanote line, as all sides traded blood. After a long stalemate, the threat of conflict looms again with the construction of the new Takanawa Gateway Station. Yasuda Koinosuke, who is in charge of Kanda Station, throws himself into the fray for the survival of his town. (Source: Coamix, translated)


Kyouhei Saito, a first-year college student who's gloomy and negative—in other words, "depressing"—falls in love with Ayame Ogawa, a beauty and contestant of their school's beauty pageant. Will the depressing nobody's feelings reach the goddess who basks in the spotlight? The curtain rises on an ensemble cast drama of college students shaken by the glimmer and helplessness of youth! (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Under Ninja

Even in this day and age, ninjas walk among us, hide within plain sight, still waiting for their mission orders. However, for some, it takes much longer to receive orders than others! Meet Kurou Kumogakure, a NEET and a Ninja. After being a long time without work, he finally receives orders from the higher ups! (Source: MU)

Living with a Kunoichi

Tae, a beautiful 17-year-old girl, and Kotaro, a serious office worker. These two seemingly happy people have a secret they can't reveal to anyone - the rival ninjas of Iga and Kouga secretly live together in this laid-back romantic comedy!

Ash Grim Reaper and Immortal Cat

The maritime nation "Republic of Enetia" where the plague "black disease" has begun to spread. In this country, there was a "state affairs assassin" who executed a felony, commonly known as an assassin of justice.

Martial Peak

The peak of martial arts is solitary and lonely. It is an endless pursuit for unattainable heights as well. In order to surpass the limits of martial arts, growth and the will to survive in adverse situations is necessary. One day, Yang Kai, a disciple-on-trial (and floor sweeper) of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect discovered a Wordless Black Book. That marked the turn in his luck and the beginning of his martial arts journey.

Choujin X

Azuma Higashi is a rather popular boy. Although he may be somewhat small, he has good fighting skills, a strong sense of justice, and his grades are at the top of his class. This is the opposite of Tokio Kurohara, his friend who does not listen in class and is simply a bystander while Azuma fights. Nonetheless, these two childhood friends' bond is strong, no matter how different they may be. The two live in Yamato Prefecture, an incredibly ordinary district with some areas destroyed by Choujin. Choujin are humans with dangerous supernatural powers, often the cause of the surrounding destruction. Whilst on their way back home, Tokio and Azuma encounter a Choujin, who threatens to kill them. Having no chance of escape, Tokio and Azuma make a crucial decision: to become Choujin. With these new powers acquired, Tokio can no longer be the bystander he once was, now entrapped in a world where fighting is unavoidable. [Written by Phloup]

Pokemon Try Adventure

Mr. Crow, a mysterious man, gathers 3 boys who love Pokémon. Katsuya is the main character, who wants to be stronger. He travels along Toki, who is experienced at traveling, and Soto, a Pokémaniac who wants to catch'em all. These characters travel alongside the Pokémon World resolving mysteries (almost of them regarding legendary Pokémon) and helping people.

“Ou No Saien” No Kishi To, “Yasai” No Ojou-Sama

Constantin de Arambourg, the knight of the garden, is an overly serious knight who guards the king's kitchen garden. One day, he met a beautiful woman chasing a rabbit in the garden. When she caught the rabbit with her bare hands, she said: "I'll turn you into a meat pie, rabbit!" When she said this with a smile, his heart was struck like lighting—and he fell in love! (Source: Hobby Japan, translated)

Gal Assistant

Mie is a dull high school student who happens to be a professional manga author. He hires an assistant, but the person who came is the number one gal in his class! Despite her looks though, she's extremely good at what she does, and working with her is exciting, stimulating, busy, and fun!!

Gourmet in Different World

One day, Shunichirou suddenly transferred to a different world. His reason for living in this different world… to see, touch, and smell, -eating unknown food! Along with Sylphin, a Beastman Maid, they have an adventure eating fantasy gourmet in a different world!
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