Saving 80,000 Gold Coins in the Different World for My Old Age

Kouha Mitsuha falls off a cliff, at which point she finds herself transported to some sort of medieval European fantasy world! While there, during a battle with some wolves that almost costs her her life, she realizes that she has the ability to come and go between Earth and this new world. Mitsuha decides to use this ability as much as she can. Why? To save up for retirement, of course! She sets her sights on saving eighty thousand gold coins--and this is the story of her schemes to get there! (Source: Sol Press)

Nexus Point

Gemi Reynolds just landed her dream tech job -- how did it put her at the top of someone's hit list? Suddenly she’s pulled into a world of cybercrime, where secretive hackers race to stay ahead of relentless bounty hunters. The only person who can keep her safe? Jack Travis, the very detective-turned-bounty hunter who’s been hired to arrest her. But Jack's own mysterious past is catching up to him, and he may need Gemi's help to stay alive.


Now a major adaptation on streaming. Junwung, an unemployed college graduate, slips into a coma when he accidentally falls off of a bridge. While he's in a comatose state, he gets an offer from the crisis response team of the underworld company Flashback to temporarily join their team. If he accepts this offer, he could wake up early from the coma and even get rid of the karma from his past life that’s been holding him back from getting jobs! He’s got nothing better to do tomorrow, so it’s a beautiful day to save lives… with these grim reapers!!

To Be Ordinary!

Due to his prosopagnosia, Sang struggles with maintaining a normal school life. It’s hard to make friends when everyone’s face looks like an egg… literally. There’s only one person he can recognize -- Ujeong, a mysterious girl who seems to struggle with fitting in herself. In their pursuit to be “ordinary”, these two high-schoolers forge an unexpected friendship.

Dr. Frost

We trust professionals with our money, our possessions, our health...even the future of our children. You could say such individuals deserve to be called "professionals" because they act in a way that merits such a high level of confidence and faith. However, there's a sacred ground that most people are loath to let even the most consummate professional trespass into: the mind. Is it possible - or safe - to let another human being psychoanalyse you completely? Who can guarantee that the experience won't irreversibly change you...for the better or the worse? This is the story of a genius psychologist, Dr. Frost, who's capable of just such a deep level of psychoanalysis.


Long ago, demons came into the land of Laevus. Pride, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony... each one plaguing one of the six districts. There is one demon, however, who is the most powerful of all and destined to bring about the end of all humanity: the Absolute. Ina Venus, a legendary demon hunter from the lowest of the six districts, was born as an Unstable demon, and he is inches away from becoming the Absolute himself. One fateful night, Ina is forced to face one of his most formidable foes yet: himself. Will Ina be able to find humanity within himself before it's too late, or will he succumb to his demonic side and cause destruction to all?

Branching Out

Twig and Briar never knew the world outside their forest was so big. And the world believed that these two friends no longer existed – they thought the legendary Hexabeto warriors and their super-powered scarab companions went extinct in the last great war. With Twig and Briar and all their family exposed, dangerous threats descend on their home, and the Swamp Queen demands a violent end to their lives. Twig may have the power to right ancient wrongs – but can this peace-loving kid use it?

Eros Conquers All

Ancient god, Eros, has an insatiable hunger for one thing humans desire most - love. Eros longs to be free of his vicious cravings, but is quickly met with even greater challenges. While seeking redemption, Eros is confronted by power-hungry gods with equally sinister appetites - all whom want nothing more than to see his downfall. But as Eros is continuously tested by the gods around him, he begins to question not only their purpose...but his own.

Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague

Himuro, a descendant of a yuki onna, causes a disturbance to those around him. When his condition attracts the attention of his co-worker, an unlikely romance blooms. A romantic comedy of an icy guy paired with a girl with a cool personality. (Source: Manga Rock)

Random Chat

If you lived through – or are still living through – high school, you can relate to Joon-Woo. An outcast and a loner, his only joy comes from the hours he spends on his phone, randomly chatting with strangers. It’s all weird and meaningless, until Joon-Woo strikes gold – as he’s matched in a private chat with a pretty young girl his age. Jackpot! But when he discovers that this same pretty girl is actually his classmate Seung Ah, things get a little too real for a guy who’s never even remotely been kissed.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Katarina Claes is the eight-year-old daughter of a duke. One day, she hits her head and recovers the memories of her past life, and she comes a horrifying realization—she is in a world similar to that of an otome game she once played, and she is the main villain! To make matters worse, in every possible conclusion, whether exile or death, she is met with a terrible end. Using her knowledge of how the game unfolds, Katarina must now do whatever it takes to change her fate. Whether she must cultivate her skills as a farmer or befriend every character that comes her way, nothing is ever too much for her to handle. As the years go on, everything seems to be going as planned. However, Katarina realizes that she made a mistake in her previous life, as she never actually finished the game before death; and so a new, secret route may just prove to be her undoing. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

The Journey of Elaina

In a certain place, there was a traveler witch. Her name was Elaina. Being a traveler, she came across many people and countries while continuing her long, long journey. A country that only accepted magicians, a muscle loving giant, a youth wanting to return the lover from the grasp of death, a Princess left alone in the ruined country, and the story of the witch herself up until now and from now on. While meeting unbelievably odd people and experiencing beautiful moments of some, now, even now, the witch keeps spinning the tale of meeting and parting. "Please don't mind it. After all, I'm a traveler. I must hurry." The Witch.――Yes, me. (Source: Novel Updates)


Seeing life through someone else’s eyes seems appealing, but less so when it’s your own eye that was gouged out by a murderous serial killer. Fortunately for Dongsu Ha, he’s a Connect – an immortal being with supernatural healing ability. Thanks to this strange power, Dongsu is able to see through his stolen eye, which the killer is still using. Dongsu must use this connection and his newfound ability to track down his killer and recover his eye before more innocent people are hurt, but at what cost?

I Was Cheated On By My Girlfriend But My Devilish Junior Now Yearns For Me

"Shall I comfort you?" The junior of the little devil girl is so cute! A little adult youth love comedy depicting the love of college students!

To You Who Doesn't Love Me

Ages ago in a land of myth and legend, a young girl called Rose stands tied to a stake, awaiting her cruel fate as a sacrifice to the sea serpent known as Leviathan. That is, until a dashing hero suddenly appears to defeat the monster and save Rose’s life. Eternally grateful, Rose becomes devoted to her rescuer Mikhail, who is the demigod son of the moon goddess, Diana. She joins his party of adventurers, but soon comes to realize that her savior may not be as noble as he seems…

ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!

Mihari Oyama's brother turns into a girl after she slips a certain medicine into his dinner. This is the story of him learning the ways of being a girl.
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