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Nanoka no Kare

菜の花の彼-ナノカノカレ- Na no Hana no Kare
Author(s): Tekkotsu, Saro (Story), Toumori, Miyoshi (null)
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 5, 2013 to Aug 19, 2017
Views: 26
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
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Nanoka no Kare summary:
When Nanoka was in middle school, she got her first confession. Feeling that the boy really liked her, she started dating him. Only to find out later that he only used her to show off in front of his friends. Betrayed, Nanoka is now in high school and hesitates getting into another relationship. Though a chance encounter with a stranger's breakup in a fast food restaurant soon changes her mind. Both her and the stranger were betrayed in their first relationships...and this brings up a different feeling in her heart. After seeing the stranger again in the streets, she makes her first confession with him. Only to find out that they are from two different worlds. (Source: Chibi Manga)