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Look Back

Fujino is a fourth grader who draws a manga strip for the school newspaper. Her art makes her the star of the class, but one day she's told that Kyomoto, a student who refuses to come to school, would also like to submit a manga for the paper... (Source: MANGA Plus)

I'm the Only Multilingual Master a Russian Transfer Girl Student Who Can't Speak Japanese Can Rely on

Tina, a super-cute Russian, has transferred into the class. She is immediately popular but does not speak Japanese, so she is troubled and looks like she is about to burst out crying. In such a case, the only one she can rely on is the main character Iori, who is hated by everyone due to a certain misunderstanding. (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Shaman King Faust 8: Eien no Eliza

"I love you. Be my lover." Faust and Eliza's childhood encounter, the fleeting happiness they had after a fight against illness, and the tragedy that fell. What is death? What is raw? This is the story of Faust VIII, who continued to resist that question.

My Boss

High school first-year Teru Aoki is a loner who does not have a place at home nor in his class. Kokoro Amamori is a girl one year his senior. Two people who cannot seem to fit anywhere meet in front of the closed-off doors of the school rooftop. As they spend time together, they slowly start to understand each other. (Source: Kadokawa, translated)

Neru: Way of the Martial Artist

Meet Neruma Isami, more commonly known as Neru. His martial artist grandfather left behind a book which serves as his only guide for his solitary training. Neru's about to finish middle school and is totally unsure about his future. But everything changes when meets the mysterious martial artist Akebi Haiba. She leads Neru to a high school where the toughest fighters have assembled. This martial arts high school action series now begins! (Source: MANGA Plus)

Saijo no Osewa Takane no Hana-darakena Meimon-kou de, Gakuin Ichi no Ojou-sama

A high school boy, Itsuki Tomonari, gets involved in a kidnapping and ends up taking care of Hinako Konohana, a young lady from one of Japan's largest conglomerates. On the surface, Hinako seems to be a brilliant and charming girl, but in reality, she is a lazy girl with no life skills. However, due to family reasons, Hinako has to play the role of the "perfect young lady" at school. Wanting to protect her, Itsuki takes care of her in a very caring manner. Eventually, Hinako begins to fawn on Itsuki with all her might... "Now...if Itsuki isn't around, I would hate it." This is a love story that begins with a cute young lady with a gap that transcends the master-servant relationship. (Source: Hobby Japan, translated)

Valhallian the Black Iron

When he woke up, Souma Tetsujirou, a samurai from Kamakura who had survived the Mongolian invasion, found himself in an unfamiliar place. He was told by Hrist, the girl who brought him there, that they were in Valhalla, a place where the souls of dead warriors congregate. In order for him to be revived, Tetsujirou now has no choice but to fight against the "dead warriors" from different eras in this mythical place of carnage that he's been thrown into. This is the start of a samurai drama where one has to fight and strike down their enemies, even if it kills them!!

I'm a Guild Receptionist, but I Hate Overtime So I'm Going to Slay the Boss Solo

“It’s safe because it’s a desk job, super stable because it’s public work!” But what awaits Alina, who has become a guild receptionist, is a far from what she had in mind. And it’s all because of the adventurers inability to conquer dungeons! Having reached her limit, Alina sets out to defeat the boss herself, hammer in hand…

The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

Unique art captures the unfolding battle between hunters and werewolves. Who will win this battle to the death, man or beast? This grim fantasy tale with tons of style begins the hunt in Shonen Jump! (Source: MANGA Plus)

A-Rank Party wo Ridatsu shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego-tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo Mezasu

"I can't do this!" Yoke Feldio, A Red Mage, has left his A-rank party of five years to become an adventurer, and has finally run out of patience with his life as an adventurer. being ridiculed as a "Handyman" and "poor dexterity"! And so begins a desperate life of joblessness.... HOWEVER! Soon after Yoke is welcomed into a party of former students, all of whom are girls! And as he conquers dungeons, Yoke's abilities are revealed one after another. In fact, the magic and skills that he wields have a power that is beyond the norm--?

Who Decided That I Can't Do Romantic Comedy in Reality?

"I want to have a romcom-like experience." Haven't all romcom lovers who enjoy light novels thought this before? Being all lovey-dovey with the heroine, and leading a fulfilling high school life with the best of friends. However, there's no way something that exciting could happen in reality. I have no younger step-sister, no childhood friend, no classmate who's an idol, no mysterious senpai, and not even a male best friend character. That being the case, what can I do? Obviously, I have to put it together myself! For a romantic comedy, you need both data analysis and constant practice! As well as... (Source: Shogakukan, translated)

Hiiragi-san is a little Careless

Kotori-kun, who falls in love with his classmate Hiiragi-san at first sight, somehow wants to get close to her. Hiiragi-san is quite an earnest and lovely girl, but... She's surprisingly a little careless! This is about the charming school life of a careless girl and a pure boy who gets led on everyday by her. (Source: Shogakukan, translated)

Yandere Kanojo ni Nemurasete Moraenai Hanashi

A high school girl lost her beloved boyfriend, Rei, in a car accident. In the midst of her despair, she manages to successfully transfer Rei's soul to a teddy bear. They had dates together, gave gifts to each other, and although his appearance was different, they were happily living together. However, something was gradually starting to change within Rei... (Source: Kadokawa, translated)

Dog and Scum

Haruma Sakuraba's childhood friend Shuuji Inukai was a cut above him in every way imaginable, living out the glamorous life bestowed upon him. Haruma, an unassuming salary man, has lived his every day clutching onto his inferiority complex, existing only in Shuuji's shadow. One day, Haruma coincidentally met Shuuji's wife, Reika Sumi, who Haruma had always secretly admired since his high school days. With feelings of envy, jealousy, and more, a "secret" is born from Haruma's repetitive days.
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