Experience Distribution Ability; Solo Life of the Strongest Point Gifter in a different world

Fildo is suddenly fired from "Light of Glory," the top guild in the country and a black guild. Although Fildo was mercilessly expelled from the guild, his experience value increased remarkably due to the effect of the Point Gifter "Experience Distributor" skill, and he became the most powerful man on the continent. On the other hand, "Light of Glory" lost a great deal of experience and faced a crisis of collapse. Fighting with former guild members, interacting with beautiful elf sisters, defeating dragons, etc... Awakened with the strongest all-around skills, Fildo's otherworldly cheat tale of free-spirited and peerless warriors is about to begin!!!

Chun Returns the Favor

A sparrow named O-chun crashed into the studio of a struggling young painter. To thank him for healing her injuries, O-chun will cheerfully return the favor any way she can! A relationship between human and bird that transcends biological boundaries in a cute modern fairy tale!

The Last Wizard of the Sword Emperor Academy

Ten years after a cataclysm destroyed the planet, magic prodigy Lag Logline is entrusted with the title of "sage" and the task of preventing the world's destruction one thousand years from now. However when he awakens from his time freezing spell the world he finds is nothing like he remembers. Upon meeting a swordswoman named Clau, Lag finds out that this world one thousand years in the future doesn't know what magic is. After having his own magic mistaken for swordsmanship, Lag enrolls in the Imperial Sword Academy in order to unravel the mysteries of the world around him and fulfill his promise to save humanity.

Arknights Rhodes Kitchen -Tidbits-

These are the records of Rhodes Island’s operators and their daily meals. May the smoke from the kitchen warm our hearts, and steer us true on the road ahead. The past is as smoke, as long as you’re alright now.

If I Die, I will Be Invincible

Ye Ning obtained the golden finger through travel, and as long as he dies, he would be invincible. So he started to go crazy. But... Empress Da Zhou: "When I see Ye Ning's life, if he dies, I will live alone.". Upper world immortal ruler: "The world is so indifferent, but Lord Ye never hates me, I will try my best to protect him". Hundreds of millions of people: "everyone in the world can be lacking, but Lord Ye is the only saint, only Ye Ning'er!" Ye Ning: I'm almost invincible, why don't you let me die? If I Die, I Will Be Invincible If I Don't Die Soon, I'll Really Become Invincible! Zài Bu Sǐ Wǒ Jiù Zhēn Wú Dí Le 再不死我就真无敌了

The Villain’s Follower

travel to a fusion novel world. Xu Beiwang couldn't help complaining: "Why do other people pretend to be the protagonist, no matter how bad they are, I'm a fool, but I'm just a little guy who is loyal to the female villain?" However, he soon discovered that it feels good to bully peoples. 女反派的跟班

Legends of the Swordsman Scholar

[From the studio of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint and The World After the Fall] Scholar Woon Hyun enters the palace after passing the Imperial Examination. Though he soon comes to lament his poor and miserable life of having to deal with the Crown Prince’s hobbies, Despite that, he doesn’t give up and tries his best to learn martial arts. But Woon Hyun suddenly picks up his brush to conquer the Murim?! The hidden story of the scholar who passed the Imperial Examination at a young age begins. Legends of the Swordsman Scholar

I’ve Waited for the Fairy Teacher for Hundreds of Years

I'll wait for you for as long as forever. Fairy Teacher Xing Li is on a mission to seal an evil relic when he falls into the Mortal Realm and loses his memory. Nuo Qing, his self-proclaimed disciple, takes him home. But only when an old friend visits does Xing Li realize that Nuo Qing has been waiting hundreds of years for him?

Warrior High School – Dungeon Raid Department

An Earth in the 21st century that has fused with another world. An era of “dungeons” teeming with monsters and the “adventurers” that raid them. Also, the most elite educational facility in South Korea that fosters these adventurers: “Warrior High School.” Although he was once considered the greatest adventurers in Asia, he has been accused with false chargers and, while dungeon smuggling in order to pay for his sick father’s medical treatments, Yoo Jaryong comes across one teen. “You there, get in Warrior High School.” This is a story about a young man who’s lost his dream, hiding his identity, finding himself once again.

Spirit King Elqueeness

Kang Ji-hoon, an ordinary high school student who died in a painful accident, finds out in the underworld that he is actually a ‘Water Spirit King mistakenly born as a human’. “Making water spirits? How do you do that?” The adventures of Elqueeness, the Water Spirit King who was mistakenly born as a human!

I’m A Tycoon In The Other World

The modern world’s Xu Fei is a contemporary “average college student” with normal appearances, little money and barely any future. In the other world, where martial artists, cultivators, spell practitioners and personal forces wield all the power needed to take over the modern world. It cannot block more than a thousand of people nor shake the ground of ancient times, when medical care, food productions and political form, ect. were scarce. Let’s see how Xu Fei swept across the worlds and eventually became a tycoon of the two worlds!

Shadow Paradox

What? The younger brother adopted by the head of the Jiang family actually married his daughter? That night when she was nineteen years old, Jiang Qing Ying did not care about the mind of others and was determined to be with him. "Jiang Min Xuan, shall we elope?"Qing Ying, I will marry you." Paradox of Shadows: Unreachable You manhua Shadow Paradox Shadow Paradox: The Incapable to Possess You Shadow Paradox: You Can't Have Yīnyǐng Bèi Lùn: Wúfǎ Yǒngyǒu De Nǐ 阴影悖论:无法拥有的你 비밀연인: 사랑해도 될까요

Her Smile So Sweet

Xu Jingshu from the second grade class one was cold and didn't talk much. If she hadn't been punished by the teacher for every math class, she probably wouldn't have had much of a presence in class. The transfer student Chu Youning appeared and he was attracted by her sweet smile. Hence, one afternoon, someone saw the scholar-tyrant Chu Youning teaching Xu Jingshu mathematics in the self-study room upstairs.

200% In Love

Rule #1: Don't reveal your identity. Sarang may be a loner at work, but in the MMORPG game Black Star, she's a charismatic hero! So when the toxic Black Peng steals her thunder as the strongest player, she begins to feel conflicted. Now the search is on - is Black Peng the new Art Director, Junghoon? Or her childhood friend, Joonyoung?

My Suha

A skillful secretary by day and choosy cruiser by night, Suha is a young professional who’s in search of some no-strings-attached action. He hasn’t had much luck lately, though, since a handsome face doesn’t always match what’s in a guy’s pants. This might be why he finds himself wondering about his dreamboat boss, Director Park Jiwoon. But there’s no way he can mix business with pleasure… That is, until Jiwoon and Suha run into each other in the gay bar bathroom. (Source: Lezhin)

I'm the Only One with Unfavorable Skills, Isekai Summoning Rebellion

The student Nakatani Yuto was supposed to be having a regular life, however his whole class was transferred to another world. All the students gained powerful skills and were worshipped as heroes, but for Yuto who got the unfavorable skill [Absorption]...! ?
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