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Omega Complex

오메가 콤플렉스
Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 15953
Genres: Romance, Yaoi
www.mangakakalot.is rate : 3.8 / 5 - 4 votes
Omega Complex summary:
“I don’t like omegas.” After presenting as a dominant alpha, Taegyeom accidentally triggers an omega’s heat. As a result, he avoids omegas and relies only on his childhood friend, Yoonwoo In the midst of all this, Yoonwoo suddenly presented as an omega. After avoiding Taegyeom for five years, he accidentally meets Taegyeom at a bar in front of his school. “Are we even friends?” At Taegyeom's words, Yoonwoo reluctantly spends his college life with Taegyeom.