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Hikkomijian Na Kami Choujuuzukai: Planet Intruder Online

Author(s): Tanaka, Meca (null)
Status: Publishing
Published: Jan 1, 2022
Views: 151
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Hikkomijian Na Kami Choujuuzukai: Planet Intruder Online summary:
A future in which robots and humans coexist and become unmanned. Country-raised Tsukasa started the VRMMO game "Planet Her Intruder The Her Ancient" to change her shyness-it was a depopulated world of penalty shootouts! In addition, he chose the useless healer "Kamitori Beast Master" and was depressed because he couldn't make friends. Enjoy the game in your own way with the innocence unique to beginners and with all your might. Along the way, he met a group of players, sometimes hurt, and sometimes encouraged, slowly growing step by step. Healing VRMMO growth record where a super beginner player walks with Yurufuka God Birds and Beasts!