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Tamako Teishoku - Chuumon no Iranai Otana

たまこ定食 注文のいらないお店
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Status: Finished
Published: ?
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Tamako Teishoku - Chuumon no Iranai Otana summary:
Tamako Miura, 30, runs a set meal shop left by her father alone. It is a shop that does not need an order, and according to the reputation of the neighborhood, going to this set meal shop seems to improve their physical condition for some reason, and it is quite crowded. In fact, the reason why the condition of the body improves is that Tamako has a secret...!? Please enjoy a combination of a little sake and colorful dishes that match the person's condition. There are about 21 kinds of dishes in this volume, such as "Steamed clams and rape blossoms", "Bonito no tsudomodon", "Ginger pudding", etc.!