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Your Forma

Status: Publishing
Published: ?
Views: 239
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Seinen
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Your Forma summary:
"Your forma" is a brain-sewing medical technology that has saved people from an epidemic of viral encephalitis. Now, it has evolved into an information terminal that is indispensable to everyday life. The sewing thread records everything: what is seen, heard, and even emotions. It is the job of thread officer Echika to dive into such records and search for clues to resolve serious cases. Harold, her newly assigned partner, had recently been decommissioned after burning out the brain of a colleague whose cable ability went haywire. He is a humanoid robot known as an "Amics." Harold grows closer to Echika, who hates Amics because of a past trauma. This is a rare buddy-cop story set in the world of cybercrime!